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Graduate Pre-Consolidation


The Master of Arts in History degree program at Georgia Southern University is designed to serve the diverse needs of graduate students, whether they seek a solid grounding in graduate study as preparation for entry into doctoral programs, wish to earn a degree as part of their professional development, or are interested in pursuing careers as public historians, archivists, or librarians. With the second largest history faculty in the University System of Georgia, Georgia Southern University offers students a wide array of course offerings in areas ranging from gender studies to military history. Students may choose the thesis or non-thesis option, depending upon their future plans. By emphasizing an appreciation of the past in all of its complexities and interconnectedness of knowledge, the Georgia Southern University graduate program in History seeks to instill in students a sense of curiosity and to develop critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills – skills relevant to a variety of careers.

Beginning Fall 2013, the Department of History will also offer a graduate certificate in Public History. This professional credential can be earned in conjunction with the Master of Arts in History or a stand-alone certificate for qualified candidates. Follow the Public History link below for more information.

M.A. Checklist / Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies / Graduate Catalog

Admission Requirements

Apply Now! / Certificate in Public History Admissions

Before applying to the History Graduate Program and/or for a Graduate Assistantship in the Department of History, please contact Dr. Lisa L. Denmark

Application Deadlines: March 1 for Fall enrollment; October 1 for Spring enrollment applications.

Though later applications will be considered, applicants meeting these deadlines will be given priority consideration for available graduate assistantships.


Applicants seeking admission to the graduate program in history must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, or its equivalent from a foreign university
  • An undergraduate major in history, or at least 15 semester hours (or the quarter-system equivalent) of history and a total of 30 hours in the social sciences and humanities
  • A 3.0 cumulative grade point average or higher on all undergraduate work, with a 3.0 cumulative GPA in history and no grade in history lower than a “C.”
  • Minimum Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores of 550 on the Verbal section, 500 on the Quantitative section, and 4.0 on the Analytical Writing section (Minimum Scores on the GRE Revised General Test are a 145 Verbal Reasoning, a 145 Quantitative Reasoning, and a 4.0 on the Analytical Writing).  Lower test scores may be considered but the applicant will need strong evidence of the ability to perform satisfactorily in graduate level work.
  • Two letters of recommendation by individuals who are familiar with the applicant’s potential for successful graduate study.
  • A statement of purpose (approximately 250 words) outlining the applicant’s interest in graduate study in history.


Non-traditional students and applicants not meeting the above requirements may be considered for Provisional (Probationary) admission as determined on a case-by-case basis.

Program of Study (36 hrs.)

Combined M.A. and Certificate in Public History Program of Study

The Department offers thesis and non-thesis options


HIST 7630 The Historian’s Craft (3)

HIST 7631, 7633, or 7635 Reading Colloquium in area of geographic concentration (3)

•  HIST 7631, 7633, or 7635 Reading Colloquium outside area of geographic concentration (3)

HIST 7638 Research Seminar (3)

Five Electives (up to 9 hrs at 5000-level are permitted) (15 hrs./ five courses) A maximum of two elective courses (6 hrs.) may be taken outside the History Department.


Additional Elective (5000G-level or above) (3)

HIST 7830 Historical Writing (3)

HIST 7990 Non-Thesis Project (3)


HIST 7830 Historical Writing (3)

HIST 7999 Thesis (6)

The student must also pass a reading-knowledge examination in an appropriate foreign language. Prior completion of coursework in a foreign language through the fourth semester of the intermediate level with a grade of C or better shall exempt the student from the foreign language exam.

The student must complete an oral defense of either the thesis or non-thesis paper.

Possible Two-Year Degree Plan for M.A.

Suggested Plan for combined M.A. and Certificate / Graduate Certificate in Public History

This plan should serve as a suggestion only. Please see the Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies for complete details. Please be aware that available History courses are scheduled in advance and are subject to change. Every effort will be made to accommodate the needs of our History graduate students.


HIST 7630 The Historian’s Craft
HIST 7631, 7633, or 7635 Reading Colloquium (in-field or out-of-field, as needed)
HIST Elective

HIST 7631, 7633, or 7635 Reading Colloquium (in-field or out-of-field, as needed)
HIST 7638 Research Seminar
HIST Elective
>Submit Program of Study Form to College of Graduate Studies

HIST 7830 Historical Writing and/or 5000G Elective
FORL 2060 Foreign Language (as needed)

HIST Elective
HIST 7830 Historical Writing
HIST 7999 Thesis
>Submit Thesis Prospectus Form to COGS (Thesis Track)
>Satisfy Foreign Language Requirement
>Apply for Graduation in Spring

• Elective (if still needed)
• Elective (if still needed)
HIST 7999 Thesis or HIST 7990 Non-Thesis Project
>Comprehensive Coursework Orals
>Satisfy Foreign Language Requirement (if still needed)
>Thesis Defense (Thesis Track)
>Submit Electronic Thesis and ETD Submission Form to COGS by stated deadlines (Thesis Track)

Continue HIST 7999 Thesis or HIST 7990 Non-Thesis Project, if needed
>Thesis Defense (Thesis Track)
>Submit Electronic Thesis and ETD Submission Form to COGS by stated deadlines (Thesis Track)

Certificate in Public History

Admission Requirements for Certificate Only

Public History is a growing field that focuses on the practical application of academic knowledge through museums, federal and state historic sites, media productions, the Internet, popular publishing, and other public venues. These programs provide an alternative career path to traditional teaching and have become increasingly popular during the struggling academic job market of the last decade. The Department of History at Georgia Southern University is adding a Graduate Certificate in Public History to its existing Master of Arts program beginning in the fall of 2013. In addition to currently enrolled students, the certificate will be offered as a credential to qualified individuals holding a bachelor’s degree who are not pursuing an advanced degree.

For additional information about the Graduate Program and Graduate Assistantships, please contact:

Dr. Lisa L. Denmark
Associate Professor & Director, Graduate Studies

Department of History
P.O. Box 8054
Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA 30460-8054
Phone: (912) 478-5862
FAX: (912) 478-0377

Last updated: 3/30/2022