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War and Society Concentration MA History in Georgia Womens Ammunition Workers in WWII

Master of Arts in History — War & Society Online Concentration

Now accepting applications for Fall 2022!

The Study of War & Society

Ever wonder what happens to everyday people in war? What happens to women and children? 

What about those who serve on the front lines…or those who refuse to serve at all? 

Who decides how war is remembered and commemorated?

As a historian specializing in War & Society, these are just a few of the questions you’ll ask every day — not only to better understand the past, but also to provide a historical perspective on how today’s wars affect people. 

Professionals in the field not only teach at the university level, but also serve as researchers and writers, government historians and policy advisors, and more.

Are you ready to join them?

food will win the war, you came here seeking freedom you must now help to preserve it wheat is needed for the allies waste nothing - ma in history war and society concentration at georgia southern university

War & Society Career Paths

With this concentration, graduates can pursue a wide range of career paths.

  • Educators at the university level as well as in the professional military education system
  • Researchers and writers in organizations that examine warfare, peace studies, veterans’ affairs, and other related areas
  • Historians, policy advisors, and other roles in government — especially the Department of Defense, military services, CIA, Department of Veterans Affairs, and other government agencies
  • Historians, policy advisors, and other roles in non-governmental agencies that aid war-torn areas of the world
  • Researchers, writers, and producers for documentary films and other productions dealing with war and society
  • Journalists who report on war and military affairs
masters history georgia children being evacuated from london in wwii war and society concentration

What does a student study in the War & Society Concentration?

As a student in the War & Society concentration, you’ll work with faculty experts in a variety of subject areas, including…

  • Identity
  • Combat experience
  • Propaganda
  • Civilian experience
  • Gender
  • Home-front
  • Strategic thought
  • Prisoner-of-war and veteran experiences
  • Memory and commemoration
  • Experiences from the viewpoint of race and ethnicity, military and other institutions 
  • And much more

Curriculum themes include:

  • The impact of war on a society’s values, institutions, and national identity
  • The effect of war on combatants and non-combatants in combat zones as well as home fronts
  • The influence of belief systems (national, religious, cultural) on war
  • How war shapes identity, memory and commemoration at all levels, from national to personal

Online for Your Convenience

The online concentration in War & Society helps students who may be unable to regularly attend in-person classes. Courses in the War & Society concentration are offered in a synchronous online format — where students virtually attend scheduled online classes each week. 

Other required and elective courses for the M.A. in History can be taken in-person, but remote attendance options — where students attend a scheduled in-person class virtually — are available.

african american civil war troops war and society ma history in georgia

Program of Study

Format: Synchronous Online Concentration with Remote-Synchronous and In-Person opportunities for other degree requirements.
Credit Hours: 33

Master of Arts in History

Required Courses for the MA in History with the Concentration in War & Society – 33 credit hours

CourseCredit Hours
HIST 7630 Historian’s Craft3
HIST 7638 Research Prospectus3
HIST 7640 Introduction to War & Society3
Required War & Society Electives
HIST 7642 Explorations in War & Society (Online Synchronous; Topics Vary) May be repeated.
HIST 7644 Case Studies in War & Society (Online Synchronous; Topics Vary) May be repeated.
Elective Courses at 5000G Level or Above (9 hrs. or 6 hrs. with Thesis)9 (6)
HIST 7990 Non-Thesis Project or3
HIST 7999 Thesis6
ma history war society online concentration
Georgia Watson Papers, Courtesy of Zach S. Henderson Special Collections 

Tentative War & Society Graduate Course Schedule

days and times TBA

  • Fall 2022
    • HIST 7640 Introduction to War & Society
      Dr. Bill Allison
    • HIST 7642 Explorations in War & Society: Death and Disease in the Civil War Era
      Dr. Felicity Turner
  • Spring 2023
    • HIST 7642 Explorations in War & Society: Memory and War Commemoration
      Dr. Alena Pirok
    • HIST 7644 Case Studies in War & Society: The POW Experience in WWI
      Dr. Brian Feltman

Recent News

Dr. Brian K. Feltman was elected a Fellow of the International Society for First World War Studies at the organization’s September 2021 General Meeting.

Dr. Bill Allison was the guest on Adel Aali’s podcast ThePeel.News, discussing historical perspectives on the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul and the difficulties of war termination. Listen to the full podcast here.

Dr. Brian K. Feltman published “Heraus mit unseren Gefangenen!’ The German Homefront & Prisoner of War Repatriation, 1918-1919,” in Marcel Berni and Tamara Cubito, eds., Captivity in War during the Twentieth Century: The Forgotten Diplomatic Role of Transnational Actors (London: Palgrave, 2021).

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Program Coordinator

Dr. Bill Allison
Professor of History

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