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Faculty and Staff, Armstrong Campus


Department Head

NameTitleArea of Interest
Dr. Carol HerringerProfessorGender history, Early Modern and Modern Britain

Armstrong Campus

Dr. Olavi Arens Professor Eastern European History, Russia & the Soviet Union, The European Union
Dr. Allison Belzer Professor European History, War and Society, Biography
Dr. Christopher Curtis Professor Law and Property Rights in the Age of Revolution, English Common Law, Liberalism, Capitalism, Revolutions
Dr. Michael R. Hall Professor Latin America, U.S. Foreign Relations, Cold War
Dr. Christopher E. Hendricks Professor Early America, Public History
Dr. Kurt Knoerl  Assistant Professor Digital History, Public History, Maritime History, Maritime Archaeology, Material Culture, and Native American History.
Dr. Kwaku Nti
Associate Professor African Diaspora, Atlantic World History, African History, African American History
Dr. Alena Pirok Assistant Professor Public History, Museum History, U.S. History
Dr. Jason Tatlock Professor Middle Eastern and Mediterranean History
Dr. James Todesca Associate Professor Medieval History, Medieval Spain
Dr. Felicity Turner Associate Professor & Honors Program Coordinator History of Women, Gender, & Sexuality, Legal History
Dr. Hongjie Wang Associate Professor China, Japan, Asia, Food Culture

Staff–Armstrong Campus

Machelle Moore  Secretary

Last updated: 9/3/2021