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Faculty and Staff

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Department Head

NameTitleArea of Interest
Dr. Carol HerringerProfessorGender history, Modern Britain

Faculty, Armstrong Campus

Area of Interest
Dr. Olavi ArensProfessor 
Dr. Allison BelzerAssociate ProfessorEuropean History, War and Society, Biography
Dr. Christopher CurtisProfessorLaw and Property Rights in the Age of Revolution, English Common Law, Liberalism, Capitalism, Revolutions
Dr. Michael R. HallProfessorLatin America, US Foreign Relations
Dr. Christopher E. HendricksProfessorEarly America, Public History
Dr. Kurt Knoerl Assistant ProfessorDigital History, Public History, Maritime History, Maritime Archaeology, Material Culture, and Native American History.
Dr. Kwaku Nti
Associate ProfessorAfrican Diaspora, Atlantic World History, African History, African American History
Dr. Alena PirokAssistant Professor Public History, Museum History, U.S. History
Dr. Jason TatlockProfessorMiddle Eastern and Mediterranean History
Dr. James TodescaAssociate Professor 
Dr. Felicity TurnerAssociate Professor 
Dr. Hongjie WangAssociate ProfessorChina, Japan, Asia, Food Culture

Staff–Armstrong Campus

Machelle Moore  Secretary

Statesboro Campus

Area of Interest
Dr. Ahmet Serdar AkturkAssociate Professor Middle East
Dr. William Thomas AllisonProfessorU.S. Diplomatic & Military
Dr. Robert BatchelorProfessorModern Britain, Comparative World
Dr. Jeffrey BursonProfessorEarly Modern and Modern France, European Enlightenment
Dr. Chris CaplingerAssistant Professor Segregation in the United States, U.S. South, U.S. Presidency
Dr. Kathleen M. ComerfordProfessor & Pre-Law AdvisorReformation, European Religion
Dr. Julie de ChantalAssistant ProfessorAfrican American History, Women
Dr. Lisa DenmarkProfessorUS South, Georgia History
Dr. Alan C. DownsAssociate Professor, Graduate DirectorCivil War, US West , American Indian
Dr. Brian K. FeltmanAssociate ProfessorModern Germany,  War and Society, Masculinity
Melissa GayanSenior LecturerSoviet Union, and 20th century world history
Dr. Michelle HaberlandProfessorLabor, Gender, US South, 20th Century
Dr. Mao LinAssociate ProfessorAmerican Foreign Relations; American Presidency; U.S.-China Relations; Modern China; World History
Dr. Johnathan O’Neill ProfessorAmerican Constitutional and Legal History; American Political Thought
Dr. Juanjuan PengAssociate ProfessorSocial and Economic History of Modern China, Business History
Dr. Cathy Skidmore-HessAssociate ProfessorAfrica, Environmental, Gender, Religion
Dr. Solomon SmithAssociate Professor
Colonial America, American Revolution, Golden Age of Piracy, Military History
Dr. Brent TharpDirector, Georgia Southern University Museum 
Dr. Timothy TeeterAssociate ProfessorAncient Greece and Rome, Early Christianity, and Late Antiquity.
Dr. Michael Van Wagenen Associate Professor, & Public History Program Coordinator
Public History
Dr. Corinna ZeltsmanAssistant ProfessorLatin America, Mexico, History of Printing and the Book, Visual Culture, Labor History

Staff–Statesboro Campus

Fran Aultman
Administrative Assistant


Professors Emeritus

Dr. Clement Charlton MoseleyProfessor of History (1996)
Dr. Ray T. ShurbuttProfessor of History (1997)
Dr. George H. ShriverProfessor of History (1999)
Dr. George Hewett (“Hew”) JoinerProfessor of History and Director Emeritus, Bell Honors Program (2002)
Dr. Vernon O. EggerProfessor of History (1983-2012)
Dr. Charles S. ThomasProfessor of History (1983-2012)
Dr. Al YoungProfessor of History (1988-2012)
Dr. Donald A. RakestrawProfessor of History (1983-2013)
Dr. Emerson Thomas McMullenAssociate Professor (1991-2017)
Dr. Anastatia Hodgens SimsProfessor of History (1987-2019)
Dr. Paul A. RodellProfessor of History (1992-2020)

In Memoriam

Dr. Craig H. Roell (1954-2020)Professor
Dr. Charles Patrick Crouch (1954-2010)Associate Professor of History
Dr. George A. Rogers (1918-2010)Associate Professor of History
Dr. Michael Benjamin (July 2020)Associate Professor 

Last updated: 9/3/2021