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Mission, Values, and Learning Outcomes for the BA in History

Mission Statement

The BA in History employs learner-centered approaches and diverse perspectives to study the past. Students explore the relevance of history to informed community and respectful inclusion, and to appreciate the diversity of the contemporary interconnected global world. Through faculty-student collaboration, students develop skills in research, synthesis, critical analysis, and communication essential for success beyond the student experience.


The BA in History values:

  • The importance and relevance of the study of history in today’s interconnected global environment;
    Inclusive and collaborative discourse that embraces tolerance, respect, and diversity;
  • Diverse and underrepresented voices in the historical experience;
  • Skills, such as critical thinking, synthesis, research, and scholarship, in keeping with best practices of the historical profession;
  • Global, regional, and local perspectives;
  • And, informed study through diverse historical approaches

Student Learning Outcomes

The Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for the BA in History center on three Desired Learning Outcome (DLO) areas: Knowledge, Research, and Communication.

  • DLO-1 To demonstrate knowledge of history and apply that knowledge to understanding history’s relevance to the present, History Majors:
    • SLO-1 interpret events, themes, or cultural practices within a broader historical context.
  • DLO-2 History Majors create thesis-driven research products that are:
    • SLO-2A placed in appropriate historical context;
    • SLO-2B substantiated by primary sources;
    • SLO-2C situated in relevant secondary literature and historiographic context.
  • DLO-3 To communicate research findings and engage with historical stakeholders, History Majors:
    • SLO-3A present a historical interpretation in an accessible and logical manner;
    • SLO-3B apply best practices of the historical profession in written, oral, or visual (includes digital) forms of presentation.

Last updated: 3/30/2022