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Student Learning Outcomes for the BA in History

Student Learning Outcomes for the Ba in History. Students will:

Display knowledge of fundamental themes and narratives in history. This implies the ability to:

  • Discuss diverse time periods, peoples, situations, and societies;
  • Perceive past events and issues in an appropriate historical context;
  • Comprehend the interplay of change and continuity;
  • Grasp the complexity of historical causation;
  • Appreciate the nature of judgments about the past;
  • Read critically to differentiate fact and conjecture, evidence and assertion, and thereby to frame useful questions.
Conduct original historical research. This implies the ability to:
  • Design analytical and historiographically significant research questions;
  • Research and analyze historical evidence from both primary and secondary sources;
  • Construct an interpretation that answers the questions posed in the project;
  • Situate the interpretation in the historiography of the topic being analyzed.
Communicate historical knowledge and explanations to others. This implies the ability to:
  • Present a historical interpretation in a well organized, readable, and logical manner;
  • Follow proper rules of grammar and syntax, and accepted style of the profession (Turabian).

Last updated: 10/9/2017