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Department of History Committee Membership 2014-2015

University Committees
Faculty Senate: (CLASS representative)
James Woods (term ends 2015)

Faculty Senate Undergraduate Committee
James Woods (term ends 2015)

Calendar Committee:
Anastatia Sims (term ends 2014)

Faculty Grievance Committee:
Deborah Hill

College Committees
Personnel Review Committee:
Sandra Peacock (term ends 2015)

Technology Committee:
Melissa Gayan (term ends 2016)

Curriculum Committee:
Anastatia Sims (term ends 2015)

Teacher Education Curriculum Committee:
Johnathan O’Neill

Faculty Governance Committee:
Tom McMullen (term ends 2015)           Alternate: Sandra Peacock (term ends 2015)

Department Committees
(term ends with completion of committee’s work for the year)
Undergraduate Committee
Cathy Skidmore-Hess (term ends 2016)
Paul Rodell (term ends 2016)
Jon Bryant (term ends 2016)
Deborah Timmons Hill (term ends 2015)
Kathleen Comerford (chair) (ends 2015)

Graduate Committee
Tim Teeter (graduate director and chair)
Solomon Smith (term ends 2015)
Jeff Burson (term ends 2015)
Alan Downs (term ends 2016)
Bill Allison (term ends 2016)
Michael VanWagenen

Scholarship and Recruitment Committee
Juanjuan Peng (term ends 2015)
Brian Feltman (term ends 2015)
Lisa Denmark (term ends 2015)
Christina Abreu (term ends 2016)
Ahmet Akturk (term ends 2016)

Technology Committee
Melissa Gayan (chair) (term ends 2016)
Juanjuan Peng (term ends 2015)
Michelle Haberland (term ends 2015)

Core Curriculum/General Education
Deborah Hill
Jeff Burson
Paul Rodell
Cathy Skidmore-Hess

Assessment Committee (Ad Hoc)
Eric Hall (chair)
Jon Bryant
Solomon Smith
Alan Downs

Department By-Laws Committee
Anastatia Sims
Tim Teeter
Solomon Smith

Educational Leave Committee
Alan Downs
Jon Bryant
James Woods
Cathy Skidmore-Hess

Web Master
Solomon Smith

Phi Alpha Theta Advisors
Cathy Skidmore-Hess
Eric Hall

History Club Advisors
Tom McMullen
Deborah Hill

Library Liaison
Tim Teeter

Search Committees

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