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New Students Inducted Into Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta Induction
Eleven Students were inducted into Phi Alpha Theta on Wednesday September 14, 2022

Phi Alpha Theta is an honor society that was established nearly 100 years ago, and now has 900 chapters across the nation. It is formed of members who have been elected based on their excellence in historical study. As a professional society, Phi Alpha Theta promotes the study of history, research, and the sharing of this research with other scholars and the broader public, which we encourage through regional conferences. Students who join strive the follow the organization’s principles and to adopt

*A spirit of respect, which fosters a sincere regard for the rights of each individual

*A belief in the community of all individuals, which renders abhorrent all ideas that tend to foment national hatreds, racial and sexual discrimination, and any form of injustice or oppression.

*And a belief in the need for historians to search for truth, and to accept the responsibility for making decisions in terms of their meaning for others, as well as for themselves.

Dr. Drew Swanson gave a talk at the Phi Alpha Theta induction ceremony on American hunting consumer culture.

Dr. Drew Swanson, who joined our department as the Jack N. Averitt Distinguished Professor of Southern History, gave an excellent lecture on the history of American hunting consumer culture.

We look forward to our next activity, a game night with Creator Club, on September 30th.


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