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History Students Participate in Middle East Student Symposium

Students from Dr. Tatlock’s ancient Near Eastern history course (HIST 3225) participated in the Middle East Student Symposium, hosted by the Middle East Council of the University System of Georgia.   The event was held virtually on April 24, 2021, and consisted of two panels of student presentations.  The following students and papers were derived from HIST 3225:
Zachary Graham, A Temple Divided: Analyzing the Judean-Samaritan Conflict Through the Eyes of the Jewish Colony of Yeb.
Morgan Reddick, Cracking the Code: Deciphering the Rosetta Stone
Katherine Vason, The Legacy of the Scribes at Deir El-Medina: Chester Beatty Papyri IV and XIX
Zach, Morgan, and Katherine did an excellent job.

Zach said the following about the symposium: “I had a great time hearing everyone’s presentations and seeing how each of our projects tied into each other”


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