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Dr. Burson to deliver live Keynote Lecture, Oct 8

At 10 a.m. EDT/16:00 CET on October 8, Dr. Jeffrey Burson will be delivering the Keynote lecture, entitled “The Theological Revolution of Enlightenment,” at a symposium entitled, “Between Secularization and Reform: Religious Rationalism in the Late 17th Century and the Enlightenment” held by Jagiellonian University in Krákow, Poland.

The Keynote is followed by a Workshop in which I will be participating, on the topic of “Secularization and Reform: Religion and Enlightenment,” to be convened from 7 a.m. – 2 p.m. EDT/13:00-20:00 CET.

Both events will be held virtually of course, and although they will neither be recorded nor streamed, here is a link to the event with all of the information I’ve just abridged:


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