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Department News for August 2017

The Department is pleased to welcome Dr. Corinna Zeltsman. Her research focuses on printers
and politics in nineteenth-century Mexico and she will be teaching courses on the history of
Latin America. zeltsman/

Paul Rodell presented a paper on Philippine political traditions and the current administration of
President Rodrigo Duterte at a workshop on “Illiberal Democracies” at Georgia State University.
The workshop was hosted by that university’s Center for Democracy and Human Rights and
their Center for Middle East Studies. He also co-authored the article “Reaching for the Vision:
The ATWS/AGSS Story,” that appeared in the fall 2016 issue of the Journal of Global South
Studies, pp. 17-71.

Dr. Craig Roell was awarded the Who's Who Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement
Award for 2017. He also appears as a talking head in San Jacinto, the latest documentary film in
the award-winning, eight-part “Birth of Texas Series,” Mike Vance, producer. DVD video.
Houston: Texas Historical Foundation, 2017.


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