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History Department News for April 2016

Anna McIntyre, a History major advised by Dr. Bill Allison, was awarded a $2000 scholarship to attend the 2016 Pacific Academy World War II Summer Program, sponsored by the National WWII Museum and Hawaii Pacific University.

Heidi Moye, a History MA student advised by Dr. Anastatia Sims, won the highest research honor the College of Graduate Studies awards its students, the Averitt Award, for her thesis: “A Forgotten Confederate: John H. Ash’s Story Rediscovered.”  She received not only a beautiful glass sculpture but also a prize of $1000.

 Paul Rodell’s students in his “Islam in Southeast Asia” class presented posters at this year’s student conference sponsored by the University System of Georgia’s Middle East Council. This year Georgia Southern hosted the annual meeting.

 Kathleen Comerford is the recipient of a Yale University Beinecke Library Short-Term Fellowship.  She will be studying there for one month during the fall semester of 2016, while on Educational Leave.  Her project is a comparative study of Jesuit libraries in Europe from the 1540s through the 1770s.

Jonathan M. Bryant’s book, Dark Places of the Earth: The Voyage of the Slave Ship Antelope was named a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in History.   On February 27, 2016, Dr. Bryant became the 43rd President of the Georgia Association of Historians.  In March he gave talks at the annual Susan Thomas Lecture in Humanities at Perimeter College of Georgia State University and at “Why Hamburg Matters,” the dedication of a memorial to the eight victims of the Hamburg, S.C. massacre that took place in 1876.  Also in March he was the guest on “Esquire Life,” a program broadcast on the Voice of the Arts, WMLB radio, Atlanta and presented to the Georgia Southern History Club.  In April Dr. Bryant took part in a panel Discussion, “Writing Epic History,” at the Los Angeles Times Festival of the Book.  The discussion was broadcast live on C-SPAN Book TV, and can be watched here.  Also in April, Dr. Bryant gave a talk at the Botanic Garden at Georgia Southern University.

Lisa Denmark presented “From Yellow Fever to Canal Fever” at Brewton Parker College’s “History Under the Stars” Lecture Series on April 15.

Brian K. Feltman presented “Beyond the Image: The Visual Culture of Death and Mourning in the Great War at the Southeast German Studies Workshop in Charleston, SC in March 2016. He also presented “Battlefields of the Home Front: Women’s Bodies and German Prisoners in WWI Britain” at the meeting of The Society for Military History in Ottawa, Canada in April 2016.

Johnathan O’Neill published “Constitutional Conservatism and American Conservatism” in Sanford Levinson, et al, ed., NOMOS LVI: American Conservatism (New York: New York University Press, 2016) (Yearbook of the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy).


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