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History Department News for March 2016

Sheila Boone, who earned and MA in History with a Certificate in Public History is now working as a Program Assistant at the Georgia Historical Society.

Dr. Timothy Teeter and Julie McGuire (Department of Art) will lead 25 students for five weeks of study in Italy this Spring/Summer, from May 14 to June 19.  They will be based in the town of Monte Compatri located just 20 km outside of Rome.  Dr. Teeter will be teaching HIST 1111: World Civilization 1 and HIST 5030: The Ancient Roman City, while Prof. McGuire will teach ART 1000: Art in Life and ARTH 4435: Art History in Italy.  For more information, go to

Dr. Jeffrey D. Burson was an invited speaker at the University of California Los Angeles Center for 17th- and 18th-Century Studies.  His remarks, entitled “The Polyvalence of Heterodox Sources and Eighteenth-Century Religious Change,” delivered March 4, 2016, were part of an international symposium on the Clandestine and Heterodox Sources of Enlightenment.  He also chaired a session at the annual meeting of the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850 on which he serves as institutional representative on the Consortium’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Juanjuan Peng and Dr. Zuotang Zhang (Foreign Languages) received a small service grant ($650) from the Office of the Provost to bring bilingual stories related to Chinese culture and history to local libraries and elementary schools. They also organized a special Chinese New Year event at the Statesboro Regional Library last month, which was very successful.


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