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History News for October 2014

Ashley Ellington, an MA student, won the ALBA (Abraham Lincoln Brigade Association) George Watt prize in the graduate division for her paper on “Archaeology and Memory of the Spanish Civil War.” The essay will be published on the organization’s website and a summary will appear in the next volume of its magazine, The Volunteer. The prize comes with a monetary award of $250.


Melissa Gayan presented at Eagle Techxpo, Georgia Southern’s yearly technology conference.  Her panel on “Technology & Active Learning in the History Classroom” introduced the audience to online simulations, games, etc., for teaching history.


The Slavery and Freedom in Savannah Project, including public presentations and a conference in 2011, museum exhibits, and a book (University of Georgia Press, 2014) has won three awards.  The AASLH Excellence Award for the entire project, The Southern Museums Conference Award for the entire project, and The Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council’s Award for Excellence in Documenting Georgia’s History for the book.  Jonathan Bryant participated in the project from the beginning, spoke at the Savannah Theater in 2011, and contributed one of the eight articles in the book.


Brian K. Feltman presented “Standing among Comrades: The Reichsvereinigung ehemaliger Kriegsgefangener and the Nazification of Apolitical Veterans” at the annual conference of the German Studies Association in Kansas City, MO in October.  He also served as the commentator for the panel “War Experience and Bellicose Expressions: The Brutalization of Culture on the Western Front.”

Solomon K. Smith published his article “Firearms Manufacturing, Gun Use, and the Emergence of Gun Culture in Early North America,” in 49th Parallel: An Interdisciplinary Journal of North American Studies, 34 (Autumn 2014).


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