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Past News

Dr. Jonathan Bryant is the Principle Investigator for a federal Title II US Department of Education “IMPROVING TEACHER QUALITY Higher Education Grant.”  This award supports “From Place to People: An Inquiry Based Teacher Training in Social Studies at the Georgia Southern Botanical Garden.”   The program brings teachers from throughout the region to the Botanical Garden to learn how it can be used as a resource for their Social Studies classes.  It also includes significant history content for the teachers, as well as teaching materials and support.  The purpose it to help teachers enhance both the content and structure of their teaching.  Teacher’s Workshops were held on October 6 and 7th, 2011 at the University, and they will continue in January and February of 2012.

Dr. Kathleen Comerford was elected as a Discipline Representatives in History by the membership of The Renaissance Society of America.   Representatives are listed as members of the Editorial Advisory Board of Renaissance Quarterly, are members of the RSA Council, and help organize panels at the Society’s annual meeting.

Dr. Johnathan O’Neill gave a public lecture on “Originalism and the Rule of Law Ideal” at Marshall University, Huntington, WV in October, 2011 as part of its annual Amicus Curiae lecture series.

Michelle Haberland won the CLASS Award of Distinction for Service.

Dr. Zeb Baker, Temporary Instructor, was awarded four research travel grants during the 2010-11 academic year, in support of his book project, Fields of Contest: Race, Region, and College Football in the U. S. South, 1945-1975. He is the recipient of the James and Sylvia Thayer Short-Term Research Fellowship, Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA; Elmer L. Andersen Research Scholars Program Grant, Archives and Special Collections, University of Minnesota; Friends of UW-Madison Library Research Grant-in-Aid, UW-Madison Libraries, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Charles Redd Fellowship in Western History, Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, Brigham Young University.

Dr. Robert Batchelor recently published the chapter “Crying a Muck: Collecting, Domesticity and Anomie in Seventeenth-Century Banten and England,” in Peter Mancall and Daniela Bleichmar eds., Collecting Across Cultures, (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011), 116-133.

Deborah Timmons Hill, a board member for the South East Region Middle East and Islamic Studies Seminar, has been appointed Vice President and Program Chairperson of the Seminar for the upcoming year.

The Georgia Consortium for International Studies awarded John Steinberg the faculty internationalization award which: “seeks to recognize and reward faculty members who have made significant contributions to internationalization at their university or elsewhere.”

Georgia Southern Historian Robert Batchelor Re-discovers the Selden Map in Oxford: A Key Piece in the Long History of Chinese Globalization, 1/25/2011


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