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Traveling GUSA stay abroad in any German-speaking country to enhance the student’s language skills and to broaden his/her cultural horizon is strongly recommended. There are many different programs (the Center for International Studies has comprehensive information). Consult the fliers posted on the Bulletin Board outside the Main Office and/or members of the section; all faculty will gladly help you make an informed choice, get set up, etc. Most programs are or can be approved to receive credit.

Visit here for more information concerning financial aid, scholarships, etc. Many of our majors apply–with good success–for Fulbright Grants for study and teaching abroad.

When discussing proficiency, European language programs may refer to levels such as “B2”. This is according to CEFR, which stands for Common European Frame of Reference; it describes the following divisions and levels (from A1 through C2):
A = Basic Speaker: A1 Breakthrough – A2 Waystage
B = Independent Speaker: B1 Threshold – B2 Vantage
C = Proficient Speaker: C1 Effective Operational Proficiency – C2 Mastery
Levels B2/C1 are roughly equivalent to “Intermediate High” as described by ACTFL in the US. Here is further information concerning how both models align (last page in particular; see also here). This page presents additional information. Here is a starting point for more info on the CEFR. For additional information see our “Outcomes” page.

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Last updated: 1/6/2021