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Credit by Proficiency

Students often want to know how to get credit for a course without actually taking the course. In the Department of Foreign Languages, we allow undergraduate students to get credit for lower-division courses (1000s/2000s) upon passing a higher course with a C or better (must be a Georgia Southern course; cannot be an eCore or transfer course from another institution or AP/IB/CLEP credit). This is in accordance with the University’s Credit by Proficiency Examination policy. For example, if students pass FREN 2001, they can receive credit for FREN 1001 and 1002 (or 1060). The credit is “K” credit, the same as if the students had passed an AP/IB/CLEP exam.

If you are an undergraduate student, here’s the petition process you should follow:

  1. Take a foreign language course at your level of current proficiency at Georgia Southern. To find out what level you should take, use the Placement Guide.
  2. Take the recommended course and pass it with a C or better.
  3. Request a Proficiency Verification Letter by sending an email to stating your Full name, Eagle ID and the course(s) that you want credit for.
  4. Click on Proficiency Examination Form to download the form. Complete the information in Section I. (You need one form for each course that you are requesting credit for)
  5. Once you have entered the information in Section I of the form, email the form and the Proficiency Verification Letter to
  6. Once the form is approved by the Office of the Registrar, pay a test fee of $15 (one test fee, for each course requested), using this link.
  7. Email the approved form and the receipt to
  8. Wait a couple of weeks for the credit to be posted to your transcript.

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Last updated: 9/3/2020

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