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Why Chinese?

  • One-fifth of the planet speaks Chinese (Mandarin).
  • China is one of the largest trading partners of the United States.
  • Being able to speak Chinese in a working environment will give you a competitive edge.
  • Chinese skills are highly useful when traveling around China as most Chinese people are not able to speak English or other languages.
  • Knowing Chinese is a gateway to immerse yourself into one of the oldest and most fascinating cultures in the World and to be able to appreciate its vast cultural heritage.

Studying abroad in China is strongly recommended to enhance language skills and broaden cultural horizons. Georgia Southern University offers an exchange program in Central China Normal University, Wuhan. For more information talk to the Chinese faculty or the visit the Study Abroad Resource Room. They will gladly help you make an informed choice in preparing yourself for study abroad.

For information on foreign-language careers click here.

To find out more about the Chinese program at Georgia Southern contact Dr. Zuotang Zhang.

Zhang Zuotang
Dr. Zuotang Zhang

Last updated: 4/18/2020