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“I decided to join the English Language Program for two reasons. The first reason was to improve all of my English skills. They offer listening, speaking, reading and writing. The second reason is that Georgia Southern University has an incredible way of helping international students learn faster. The ELP creates entertainment and activities for students to learn outside of class. ELP students are immersed into college students with current undergraduate students. Georgia Southern has great benefits for international students and has great scholarship opportunities to help international students pursue their education.

It is the best place to learn English. There is kind and experienced staff which helps make it a positive experience. The mood and atmosphere of the ELP is great.

My favorite memory of ELP is writing. I am proud of how much I have improved my writing skills. My teacher has helped me become a better, faster writer. She was very encouraging and has a way of making students feel confident and comfortable in the classroom.”

Former Student: Rasmane Kabore
Home Country: Burkina Faso
Major: Civil Engineering


“It was a great experience being a part of the  ELP at GSU. One of the reasons is the beauty of the campus and the wide variety of experienced and friendly tutors who are hardworking and cooperative with every single student. They have equal treatment of good behavior with students.They make us feel like we are not studying in another country, it feels like we are in our country. The teachers and the whole ELP staff were so nice and it was like they knew us for a very long time.

I would recommend this great institute to those who want to get a quality education. It is also for students who wish to learn quickly to become fluent in English and want to pursue their education in any English speaking nation.

The whole semester was full of fun and sweet memories. I cannot count the memories I have had from the ELP but long story short, the moment I enjoyed a lot was the visit to the Botanic Garden. It was full of fun and enjoyment as we visited in a group. ELP has always been fun with our group of nice classmates.”

Former Student: Muhammad Kafeel
Home Country: Pakistan
Major: Information Technology


“Studying in ELP is a fantastic and unforgettable experience for me. I attended some other language programs before and they were really boring. They only focus on vocabulary and writing. But ELP in GSU helped us improve English in all parts of it. We had fun games to learn and memorize new words. We had team activity to have presentation. We watched different videos and news to know what is happening around the world and talked about various interesting topics. Of course, we also practice writing formal academic essays which to prepare for college classes.

I am a freshmen in GSU now and some of my classmates even don’t believe I’m a foreigner. Because I can understand classes and speak fluent English as other American students.  The favorite memory of studying with the ELP was culture class. Teachers organized different activities every Friday to let us learn about American culture, history, and society. I really enjoyed studying with classmates from all around the world. We are like a big close family. Thank you, teachers! Thank you, ELP!  

I, along with my fellow ELP alumni, look forward to welcoming you to our campus.”

Former Student: Ye Jasmine Yuan
Home Country: China
Major: Biology


“Georgia Southern University is one of the greatest schools and located in a peaceful place. English has been hard and challenging for me. So, I especially wanted to learn English. I didn’t have much confidence to speak with American people when I came to the U.S. for the first time. So I thought I needed to improve my English skills more and more.

Some people feel shy and hesitate when they try to speak English. Actually, I was too in the beginning. But, you don’t feel like that in the ELP. All teachers and all classmates are friendly and help you. They know you want to learn and study at the University. You don’t have to feel shy anymore in the ELP. After this program, you will gain a lot of confidence in English.

I really loved the U.S Culture and Writing class in ELP. In the U.S. Culture class, you can experience a lot of activities such as a picnic, meeting new American friends, and visiting a great place. Also, I like to take a writing class. The class is not boring and it was helpful for my English skills. Usually, when you write an essay, you can organize your thinking and learn what your grammar mistakes are with the teacher’s help. When I was in the ELP, I learned about how to write an essay for college and how college classes progress regularly from the ELP class.

Now as a university student, college classes are various and interesting.  The ELP was really helpful for me.”

Former student: Hyeonjeong Helen Lim
Home Country: South Korea
Major: Nursing

Last updated: 7/26/2016


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