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Diversity and Inclusion Teaching and Instruction Resources

Teaching Strategies

  • Inclusive Teaching Frameworks and Strategies (University of Michigan)
    • This chart gives strategies for inclusive teaching from multiple viewpoints:
      • Student-student interactions
      • Instructor-student interactions
      • Content and process
      • Community building can be thought about from multiple viewpoints:
  • Creating Inclusive College Classrooms (University of Michigan)
    • Choosing course content
    • Increasing awareness of problematic assumptions/examples of these assumptions
    • Planning considerations
    • Getting to know the students
  • Strategies to Create an Inclusive Course (Iowa State University)
    • Includes checklist for:
      • Course design
      • Teaching strategies
      • Evaluation practices
      • Student feedback
  • How to provide a multicultural education (Baylor University)
    • Tips for incorporating multicultural education strategies in the classroom
    • Overcoming challenges for educators
    • How to incorporate multicultural education in the classroom

Challenging Conversations Strategies

Syllabus Checklists for Inclusive Education



  • Classroom Ableism
    • This might be written for earlier education; but has some good information about ableism in the classroom and schools

Professional Development/Training

Last updated: 8/4/2022