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Submit Your Film

The 2020 Ogeechee International History Film Festival accepts a wide variety of film submissions. The regular submission deadline is December, 2019. Before you submit your film, check that it matches the following criteria:

  • Content: Professional and College films must have a focus on history and historical events. High School films may have any focus, but must be non-fiction. Films should explain the role of featured historians (e.g. interviewed or consulted).
  • Length: Films can be any length but submission prices vary
    • Films one hour or shorter: $10 to submit
    • Films over one hour: $20 to submit
  • Language: Preferred English. Foreign language films are accepted, but must contain English subtitles.
  • Relevancy: Only films released in or after 2015 will be accepted.
  • Category: Submissions can be in three categories
    • Professional
    • College
    • High School

Ogeechee International History Film Festival proudly accepted entries via:

Last updated: 3/30/2022