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Mission Statement


Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Communication Arts is to provide students with a broad-based, comprehensive, and interdisciplinary study of human communication.  Within Georgia Southern University’s culture of engagement, the Communication Arts faculty—through its degree programs in Communication Studies, Multimedia Film and Production, Multimedia Journalism, Public Relations, Theatre, and Professional Communication and Leadership—promote the critical analysis, evaluation, performance, and practice of human communication in its various contexts.

Reaffirming our Commitment to our Students

Our callings as teachers, scholars, and artists in all forms of communication require that:

• We must listen with empathy and learn with open hearts and minds.
• We must make space for silenced voices.
• We must tell the stories of our community, our nation, and our world authentically.

As we are once-again confronted with the ongoing practices and consequences of systemic racial inequality in our nation, the faculty and staff of the Department of Communication Arts reaffirm our commitment to you that this department will be a safe space for all voices to speak their truths authentically, and to be heard with empathy. And that theatre students, film and production students, communication studies students, public relations students and journalism students will learn to tell their own and other’s stories with an ethical and authentic voice, as engaged members of their communities.

In this moment of grief and reckoning, may we find strength in our anger, and hope and understanding in the stories we share.

Last updated: 4/15/2022