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Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers

Socks on Fire is a lyrical testament to Southern women couched in the battle for my grandmother’s throne. I returned home from New York City to find that my Aunt Sharon, my favorite childhood relative, had locked her gay, drag-queen brother, my Uncle John, out of the family home. As a queer Southerner, who can be both equally protective and skeptical of the South, Aunt Sharon stoked a fire within me to document the place and the people I call home. Through a series of stylized reenactments spun in with family VHS footage, Socks on Fire documents the fluidity of identity, personality, and performance in my hometown among my Mama’s people.

Virtual Screenings run from Saturday, April 10, through Tuesday, April 13:

An in-person screening with filmmaker in attendance Tuesday, April 20, at 7 p.m. in Sanford 1002.


Last updated: 4/2/2021