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Meet Our Students

Shalonda Rountree
Marketing and Business Development Manager
Chatham Area Transit
Fall 2017 Graduate

I chose the Professional Communication and Leadership program to enhance and develop the necessary skills to advance my career from mid-management to senior and executive level roles. The PCL program offered evening and online classes which afforded me the flexibility to juggle the responsibilities of work and family obligations with school. I learned new skills that I was able to apply to my organization right away.

Robert M. Vieito
Director, Advanced Aircraft Programs
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Spring 2018 Graduate

The Master of Arts in Professional Communications and Leadership (PCL) was a perfect choice to round out my education and elevate my communication and leadership skills. More than ever, organizations are searching for employees who know how to communicate, interact and collaborate with their peers, especially in team environments, and the PCL program provides those now essential skills.  No matter the stage of your career, the PCL program gives its students the knowledge to succeed in today’s ever-changing workplace environment.

Seth Barber
Staff Sergeant (E-6)
Spring 2018 Graduate

The PCL program was a perfect fit for me because it taught me the importance of effective communication in an environment other than the military, and gave me the opportunity to further develop my leadership skills.

Dominique Crumbly
Sergeant (E-5)
Spring 2018 Graduate

I chose the PCL program to assist me in furthering my military career. Communication and leadership are both staples of the military. The PCL program gives me the knowledge to put myself in front and lead the future.

Madison Ray
Coordinator of Programming and Outreach
Florida Gulf Coast University Honors College
Spring 2018 Graduate

Getting a Master’s in Professional Communication and Leadership was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After receiving my Bachelors in Communication Studies from UVA-Wise, I moved to Savannah and started the PCL program right away. It meant a lot to me to find a program that was interdisciplinary and provided real-world experience. The PCL program gave me the opportunity to intern, enhanced my skills with unique courses, and brought my undergraduate research full-circle through completion of a comprehensive project. I feel very confident that the PCL program has prepared me for my new career.

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Temptaous Mckoy, PhD
East Carolina University
Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication 
Spring 2015 Graduate
I decided to enroll in the PCL program to further expand my knowledge on professional communicative practices. Upon graduation, I decided to continue my education and obtain my PhD. Thankfully, the PCL program helped create the foundation needed to better assess the technical and professional discursive practices that take shape in numerous communities, outside of the business industry.

Last updated: 3/30/2022