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Theatre & Performance Audition Information

Upcoming Auditions

Information regarding upcoming auditions can be found here.  Please contact Professor Newell for information about the script.

Auditions are open to all students regardless of major.



  • If there are auditions for more than one show, you can audition for all shows or just one show – completely your choice.
  • If there are auditions for more than one show, sign up for times that do NOT overlap
  • It would be helpful if you tried to not fill a slot with all women or all men.
  • Please sign up for earlier times rather than later.
  • Students will only be cast in one mainstage production per semester due to overlapping rehearsal schedules. (and the fact we want you to actually pass your classes without going nuts).
  • Auditions are open to all students regardless of major.
  • You do not need to have anything prepared unless it is stated in the audition announcement – generally we work from cold reads.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early – you will need to fill out an audition form for each show you are auditioning for and you will be given a side based on instructions to the Stage Managers by the directors – remember we don’t need to see every part read.
  • Print your contact information NEATLY – if we can’t read it we can’t contact you and therefore we can’t cast you.
  • Have your schedule ready – classes and work – a reminder – night classes make rehearsals difficult and availability is a factor in casting.
  • We follow a color conscious casting policy except in cases where the ethnicity of the characters is an element of the production. This means the best actor for the role will be cast regardless of race, color or creed.

Words of wisdom regarding auditions –

  • Despite rumors to the contrary the shows are not precast – we are constantly surprised by growth of actors and inspired by newcomers and honestly couldn’t tell you where we will end up. We have cast new transfer students and freshmen in leading roles in the past and no doubt will do so in the future.
  • Part of your audition is how well you take direction – make clear choices, ask good questions, move, connect with whoever you are reading with and be willing to change it up when we give you feed back.
  • Dress for the audition – presenting yourself professionally is something you need to start learning now. Flip flops, tattered shorts and tee shirts tell us you don’t take this seriously, why should we take you seriously? However – dress to move, don’t wear something that constricts movement.
  • If you don’t get cast or get the role you wanted – don’t take it personally – it has very little to do with you and everything to do with how the director perceives the needs of the production. It is not that you are a bad actor or that we don’t like you – it is all about how we see the characters and the play.
  • Support each other – not everyone will be cast, there are many ways to stay involved. We have a lot on the table both semesters so you will have opportunities to get on stage and it is always a good idea to work backstage – actors who understand tech are better actors all around.
  • Don’t get upset if we cut you off – it just means we have seen what we need to see.
  • Remember that while you are at Georgia Southern you are constantly auditioning – in classes, theatre south meetings, performances and events – we see you practically every day and your attitude, attendance and ability to meet deadlines impacts our impression of you. We want to know that if we cast you we can count on you.
  • Have fun, seriously, you get to act for however long your audition is and since that is what you love have fun doing it –regardless of casting.

Sample Acting Resume

Last updated: 6/27/2022