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Minor in Theatre

Minor Program

To complete a minor in Theatre you must take a total of 15 credit hours in Theatre, 12 of which must be upper division.

THEA 1100 – Theatre Appreciation (3) Take as part of your Core Classes in Area C


Be aware that these classes serve as pre-reqs for upper division classes and you may need to take some of them as part of your general electives, depending on the classes you want to fulfill your minor.

THEA 2300 – Script Analysis  – Pre-Req for Directing, History, and all Design Classes (you can get permission from the Instructor)


THEA 2332 – Stage Construction Technique (3) – Pre-Req for Design classes and Vectorworks


THEA 2333 – Fundamentals of Acting (3)  – Pre Req for Audition, Scene Study, Style, and Acting for the Camera.

Upper Division Courses (12)*

*Contact the Department for upcoming upper-division courses.

Last updated: 8/22/2022