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Spring 2020 Season:
Much Ado About Nothing: March 3-7
The Actor’s Nightmare: March 12-13 (Directing project)
The Laramie Project: April 8-11
Spoon River Anthology April 21-25

The second round of auditions for The Laramie Project will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 19. Please submit your video audition using the sides below.



Matt’s beating, hospitalization and funeral focused worldwide attention on hate. Good is coming out of evil. People have said enough is enough. I miss my son, but I am proud to be able to say that he is my son.

Judy has been quoted as being against the death penalty. It has been stated that Matt was against the death penalty. Both of these statements are wrong. Matt believed that there were crimes and incidents that justified the death penalty. I too believe in the death penalty. I would like nothing better, than to see you die, Mr. McKinney. However, this is the time to begin the healing process. To show mercy co someone who refused to show any mercy. Mr. McKinney, I am going to grant you life, as hard as it is for me to do so, because of Matthew. Every time you celebrate Christmas, a birthday, the Fourth of July remember that Matt isn’t. Every time you wake up in your prison cell remember that you had the opportunity and the ability to stop your actions that night. You robbed me of something very precious and I will never forgive you for that. Mr. McKinney, I give you life in the memory of one who no longer lives. May you have a long life, and may you thank Matthew every day for it.


Okay, no. They stated that Matt approached them, that he came on to them. I absolutely, positively disbelieve and refute the statement one hundred percent. Refute it. I’m gonna give you two reasons why.

One. Character reference.

Why would he approach them? Why them? He wasn’t approaching anybody else in the bar. They say he’s gay, he was a flaming gay, he’s gonna come on to people like that. Bullshit. He never came on to me. Hello?!? He came on to them. I don’t believe it.

Two. Territorialism. Is-is-is the word I will use for this. And that’s the fact that Matt was sitting there. Russell and Aaron were in the pool area. Upon their first interaction, they were in Matt’s area, in the area that Matt had been seen all night. So who approached who by that?

            So the only thing is – and this is what I’m testifying to – ‘cause, you know, I’m also, basically the key eyewitness in this case uh, (pause) basically what I’m testifying is that I saw Matthew leave. I saw two individuals leave with Matthew. I didn’t see their faces, but I saw the back of their heads. At the same time, McKinney and Henderson were no longer around. You do the math.


I was in there, I was in jail with Aaron in December. I got thrown in over Christmas. Assault and battery, two counts. I don’t wanna talk about it. But we were sittin’ there eatin’ our Christmas dinner, tryin’ to eat my stuffing, my motherfucking bread, my little roll and whatnot, and I asked him, I was like, “Hey, homey, tell me something, tell me something please, why did you –“ Okay I’m thinking how I worded this, I was like, “Why did you KILL a faggot if you’re gonna be destined to BE a faggot later?” You know? I mean think about it, he’s either gonna get humped a lot or he’s gonna die. So why would you do that, think about that. I don’t understand that.

            And you know what he told me? Honest to God, this is what he said, he goes: “He tried to grab my dick.” That’s what he said, man! He’s dumb, dog, he don’t even act like it was nothin’.

            Now I heard they was auctioning those boys off. Up there in the max ward, you know, where the killers go, I heard that when they found out Aaron was coming to prison, they were auctioning those boys off. “I want him. I’ll put aside five, six, seven cartons of cigarettes.” Auction his ass off. I’d be scared to go to prison if I was those two boys.


I was the first “out” lesbian or gay faculty member on campus. And that in nineteen ninety-two. Um, I was asked at my interview what my husband did, um, and so I came out then… Do you want a funny story?

When you first get here as a new faculty member, there’s all these things you have to do. And so, I was in my office and I noticed that this woman called….I was expecting, you know, it was a health insurance phone call, something like that, and so I called her back. And I could hear her, she’s working on her keyboard, clicking away – I said, you know, “This is Cathy Connolly returning your phone call.” And she said, “Oh. It’s you.” And I thought, “This is bizarre.” And she said, “I hear – I hear – I hear you’re gay. I hear you are.” I was like, “Uh huh.” And she said, “I hear you came as a couple. I’m one too. Not a couple, just a person.” And so –

she was – a kind of lesbian who knew I was coming and she wanted to come over and meet me immediately. And she later told me that there were other lesbians that she knew who wouldn’t be seen with me. That I would irreparably taint chem, that just to be seen with me could be a problem.

I’ve won almost every teaching award that’s possible on campus. And yet even last year, one of my student course evaluations said, “She likes girls. And it shows. She’s disgusting.”


We went to the candlelight vigil. And it was so good to be with people who felt like shit. I kept feeling like I don’t deserve to feel this bad, you know? And someone got up there and said uh – he said um, blah blah blah blah blah and then he said, I’m saying it wrong, but basically he said, “C’mon guys, let’s show the world that Laramie is not this kind of a town.” But it IS that kind of a town. If it wasn’t this kind of a town why did this happen here? I mean you know what I mean, like – that’s a lie. Because it happened here. So how could it not be a town where this kind of thing happens? Like, that’s just totally – like, looking at an Escher painting and getting all confused, like, it’s just totally like circular logic like how can you even say that? And we have to mourn this and we have to be sad that we live in a town, a state, a country where shit like this happens. I mean, these are people trying to distance themselves from this crime. And we need to own this crime. I feel. Everyone needs to own it. We are like this. We ARE like this. WE are LIKE this.


I really haven’t been all that involved, per se. My husband’s a highway patrolman, so that’s really the only way that I’ve known about it.

            Now when I first found out I just thought it was horrible. I just, I can’t… Nobody deserves that! I don’t care who ya are.

But, the other thing that was not brought out – at the same time this happened that patrolman was killed. And there was nothing. Nothing. They didn’t say anything about the old man that killed him. He was driving down the road and he shouldn’t have been driving and killed him. It was just a little piece in the paper. And we lost one of our guys.

You know, my husband worked with him. This man was brand-new on the force. But, I mean, here’s one of ours, and it was just a little piece in the paper.

And a lot of it is my feeling that the media is portraying him as a saint. And making him as a martyr. And I don’t think he was. I don’t think he was that pure.

Now, I didn’t know him, but… there’s just so many things about him that I found out that I just, it’s scary. You know about his character and spreading AIDS and a few other things, you know, being the kind of person that he was. He was, he was just a barfly, you know. And I think he · pushed himself around. I think he flaunted it.

Everybody’s got problems. But why they exemplified him I don’t know. What’s the difference if you’re gay? A hate crime is a hate crime. If you murder somebody you hate ’em. It has nothing to do with if you’re gay or a prostitute or whatever.

I don’t understand. I don’t understand.

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