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Auditions on the Statesboro Campus

Auditions for the Statesboro Campus spring shows have closed. Please keep an eye out for Fall dates

Auditions on the Armstrong Campus

Time Flies: Thursday, January 13, 5 p.m. at Jenkins Hall Black Box Theatre

Carrie the Musical: Tuesday, January 18, 6 p.m. at Jenkins Hall Callbacks Wednesday, January 19, by invitation only 6 p.m. Jenkins Hall

Time Flies on the Armstrong Campus

Performance Dates: Febuary 23-27

Time Flies is a student-directed show featuring shorts by David Ives

For more information email Hannah Dodson
Auditions will be held at Jenkins Hall

Character Synopsis: 6 males/masc presenting people and 4 females/fem presenting people

  • Words, Words, Words (2M, 1F)
  • Bolero (1M,1F)
  • The Universal Language (2M, 1F)
  • Sure Thing (1M, 1F)
  • Time Flies (2M, 1F)
  • The Philadelphia (2F, 1M)
  • Enigma Variations (2M, 2F)
  • The Mystery of Twickham Vicarage (3M, 2F)

Carrie the Musical on the Armstrong Campus

Performance Dates: April 7-9 at 7:30 p.m., April 10 at 3:00 p.m.

Rehearsal Dates: February 3 – April 6 (Mon-Thu, 6:00-9:00 p.m.)

Please fill out the audition form prior to the Tuesday, January 18 audition date

  • Please bring your availability schedule to the audition.
  • Prepare 16-32 bars of a song that shows off your voice and bring sheet music in the appropriate key.
  • Accompanist provided.
  • Headshots/photos and resumes are not required but gladly received.


Carrie White is a misfit. At school, she’s an outcast who’s bullied by the popular crowd, and virtually invisible to everyone else. At home, she’s at the mercy of her loving but cruelly over-protective mother. But Carrie’s just discovered she’s got a special power, and if pushed too far, she’s not afraid to use it…


CARRIE WHITE: (Lead) female, 17; mezzo; Any ethnicity

Painfully shy outsider who, despite her best efforts to belong, has been a victim of her classmates’ cruel jokes since childhood, as well as her mother’s strict, biblically ordained control at home; transforms from ugly duckling into graceful, and then vengeful, swan; vocally, she must be capable of lyrical sweetness as well as fierce power.

MARGARET WHITE: (Lead) female, 35-50; soprano; Any ethnicity

Woman of visceral extremes; balances her fervent religious convictions with equally sincere true-believer spirituality and tender, maternal love for Carrie; in the end, she proves to be a religious extremist; like Carrie, with whom she shares several duets, her voice must range from expressive and melodic to ferocious and frightening.

SUE SNELL:  female, (Lead) 17-18; mezzo; Any ethnicity

Acts as a narrator to events of the past in which she was a participant; sweet, straight-A smart, and well-liked good girl who’s been popular her whole life; half of the Romeo-Juliet pair of every high school in America; finds herself participating in an unthinking act of cruelty that changes everything, and a moment of conscience causes her to embark on a different path that sets her apart from her peers and tests her; vocally, she has a great pop ballad voice that delivers sweet sincerity and strength.

TOMMY ROSS: male, 17-18; tenor; Any ethnicity

The most popular senior, varsity star athlete, valedictorian, and all-around handsome good guy; he’s the boy all the girls want to be with, and all the boys want to be. Yet he also had unexpected, quirky sensitivity and is just starting to mine his personal life and feelings — a budding poet who is not afraid to stand up to peer pressure and do the right thing; voice should have an effortless pop quality.

CHRIS HARGENSEN: female, 17-18; mezzo; Any ethnicity

Rich, spoiled-rotten, popular beauty who radiates a natural ringleader, and a bully; arrogant, and has a sense of entitlement that makes her believe the rules don’t apply to her; has serious daddy and anger management issues; pop rock/belt voice.

BILLY NOLAN: male, 18-20; baritone/tenor; Any ethnicity

Now in his sixth year of high school, a stupid-like-a-fox bad boy whose wise mouth trouble making has led him to spend more time in detention than in class; Chris manipulates him to do her bidding; his voice is a wailing rocker.

MS. GARDNER: female, 20s-30s; Any ethnicity

The girls’ physical education teacher; can be disciplinarian when the situation calls for it, but also a warm “fairy godmother” (vs. Margaret’s nightmare mother); goes from angrily wanting to take Carrie and shake her in the shower, to protective and encouraging Carrie to dream, only to find herself in a situation that’s way over her head; actress must have a warm voice with a solid alto belt.

MR. STEPHENS/REVEREND BLISS: male, 30s-40s; baritone; Any ethnicity

Well-intentioned English teacher and guidance counselor who struggles to help students realize their potential. A dedicated educator, he’s stretched thin in his duties, woefully underpaid, and a bit overwhelmed as to how to handle the Billy Nolans of the classroom combat zone.

NORMA: female, 17-18; Any ethnicity

gossipy and suck-up to authority; second in command to Chris’ queen bee; fantastic pop/rock and contemporary musical theatre voice.

FRIEDA: female, 17-18; Any ethnicity

Sue’s brainy pal; an easy going, get-along follower and a tireless extracurricular committee volunteer; fantastic pop/rock and contemporary musical theatre voice.

HELEN: female, 17-18: Any ethnicity

giggly and easily shocked; her immaturity and need to belong make her the perfect example of the herd mentality; fantastic pop/rock and contemporary musical theatre voice.

GEORGE: male, 17-18; Any ethnicity

Tommy’s jock wingman since childhood; George idolizes him, perhaps a little too much; fantastic pop/rock and contemporary musical theatre voice.

STOKES: male, 17-18; Any ethnicity

a bit of a nerd; happy to be included as one of Tommy’s posse; fantastic pop/rock and contemporary musical theatre voice.

FREDDY: male, 17-18; Any ethnicity

wise-cracking class clown and official yearbook photographer; can’t believe any girl would give him the time of day; fantastic pop/rock and contemporary musical theatre voice.

STUDENTS/ENSEMBLE/SUE’S INTERROGATORS (males and females, to play 17-18)

Last updated: 3/30/2022