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Multimedia and Film Production features some of the latest broadcast production facilities and the Department is continually upgrading them. Current facilities are located on-campus in Sanford Hall. The program is hands-on to ensure that students are prepared to employ the “tools of the trade” upon graduation. This is an ongoing process which reflects the changing nature of the broadcast, film, and Internet industries for which students are being educated.

The Department’s Audio Facilities include two radio production studios for academic instruction, an eighteen station computer lab for digital production, announcing and editing, the WVGS radio complex, and portable equipment for live remote productions.

The Video Facilities include a multi-camera production studio and control room, fixed and portable lighting equipment, origination complex, and multiple digital editing laboratories and suites. A variety of types and sizes of camcorders are employed for remote production activities. In addition, students operate portable production truck equipment during athletic event coverage.

WVGS FM is a 1,000 watt student-operated station that serves both campus and Statesboro’s entertainment and information needs.

Last updated: 3/7/2023