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Multimedia and Film Production

Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and Film Production
Format: In person on the Statesboro Campus
Credit Hours: 124

The Multimedia and Film Production program prepares students for the field of multimedia communications in a holistic manner. With media convergence in full bloom, the various information and entertainment industries have more in common than ever before. Employees need to be creative, entrepreneurial, skilled and broadly educated. MMFP prepares students to be adaptable, so they are ready for a multiplicity of opportunities in the communication fields. Not only do students learn how to operate equipment to produce creative programming, but they develop into quality writers, performers, and thinkers.

What can you do with a degree in Multimedia and Film Production?

The degree prepares students for a broad assortment of career opportunities. Graduates secure positions in the motion picture industry, broadcast stations, social media, and in corporate and government operations. A number of graduates pursue advanced degrees, ranging from law to mass communication to religion. Individuals who can communicate with the written word, verbally, and with technology, are going to be successful in the 21st Century. Those are the empowering skills students develop within MMFP.

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Why Georgia Southern?

Multimedia education at Georgia Southern employs state-of-the- industry technology, utilizes faculty who hold advanced degrees and have media experience, and is student-centered. In the multimedia field, it is mandatory that employees be prepared to wear a variety of hats and respond proactively to a continually evolving profession. There are an abundance of opportunities on campus for students to discover the direction in which they want to chart their course, including WVGS FM, independent film production, the campus TV network, and website presentation. The internship program connects students with multimedia professionals and facilities, and leads to job placement for three out of every four of its graduates. Alumni are employed at media facilities throughout the U.S., and in positions ranging from sports reporters and TV news anchors, to Hollywood film producers and meteorologists.

“I liked the feel of the school. It just felt homey. I knew this was the place, and Dean Cummings wound up becoming a great mentor, a great professor and a really good friend.”

— Samuel Schwartz,
Assistant Director of Football Creative Video at UGA
Kent Murray

Professor Kent Murray passed away in summer 2014. Donations are being accepted for the Kent Murray TV Studio fund to name our new Sanford TV studio after Kent. The studio is a new facility he dreamed of and planned for over the past 30 years. He designed the current facility, but unfortunately, did not get to teach in it.  Donate by clicking here, and designate Foundation Account GS0031.


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