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Art Galleries Schedule

Galleries are open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Autumn 2020



Smith Callaway Banks Southern Folk Art Gallery

August 17 – 28

Undergraduate Juried 2020

Contemporary Gallery

Form & Content 2020

University Gallery

September 14 – October 9

PIXELS: Work By Recent BFA Graphic Design Alumni

Contemporary Gallery

RE: Opening – BFA Studio Exhibition

University Gallery

October 26–30

Marcus Cook "Understanding User Interface and User Experience"


Marcus Cook: Understanding User Interface and User Experience

University Gallery

Marcus Cook is a Graphic Design MFA candidate whose thesis project focuses on the health and well-being of college students.

Eating healthy is a common challenge for many college students, especially those who are still adjusting to new routines. Dealing with social changes and learning to live away from home can be tough. However, when students are eating healthy meals, they do better in college.

Cook has developed a simple solution that can help them chose a healthy diet without making any big changes in their daily schedule. It is a healthy choice app, called “GOOD FIT,” that can run seamlessly on both IOS and Android devices.

November 2–6

Tameka Phillips "Patterns of Identity"


Tameka Phillips: Patterns of Identity

University Gallery

Throughout human history, we have used patterns in order to artfully express ourselves and showcase different cultures. Various colors and patterns have been used as visual cultural signifiers to identify specific social groups and their role in the greater society. However, the meaning behind a textile’s design provides more diversity in cultural identity. In Patterns of Identity, Tameka Phillips explores how patterns, colors, and texture in textiles can be used to represent multicultural identities in the human form. 

Nikolaus James "Plausible Expositions with Possible Expeditions"


Nikolaus James: Plausible Expositions with Possible Expeditions

Contemporary Gallery

Plausible Expositions with Possible Expeditions is a body of work by Nikolaus James that features photographic stills displayed through CRT televisions. Inspired heavily by video games and cinema, James fabricates scenes before the camera using objects that suggest a narrative that viewers can then make connections with to formulate a unique story. This series and how it’s presented is a way for James to promote active viewing as opposed to passive observation.

November 9 – December 8

Outlook: An MFA Showcase

Contemporary Gallery

Surface Matters: Grit or Gloss

University Gallery

January 11 – February 12


Becky Alley: Hope Chest

Contemporary Gallery

Visiting Artist: Yanique Norman

University Gallery

March 2 – 9

Undergraduate Juried 2021

Contemporary Gallery

Form & Content 2021

University Gallery

April 13 – 21

BFA Studio Exhibition

Contemporary & University Galleries

BFA Graphic Design Exhibition

Contemporary & University Galleries


The Betty Foy Sanders Georgia Artists Collection is a permanent exhibition of artwork curated by Betty Foy Sanders since 1968. Art displayed in the Georgia Artists Collection is either by Georgia artists, created with materials found in Georgia or themed around the state itself.

Donated to the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art in 2007 by Statesboro Historian, Smith Callaway Banks, his Southern Folk Art Collection brings a whole new world to campus with its unique and colorful pottery, paintings and artifacts.

Last updated: 10/23/2020