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Pemberton publishes professional guidelines for researchers and editors

Dr. Michael Pemberton, Department of Writing and Linguistics and co-Principal Investigator for the Text Recycling Research Project (TRRP), has recently published a set of professional guidelines for researchers and journal/book editors on the project’s website: Over the last several years, the TRRP has researched the practice of text recycling (reusing a portion of one’s own previously published work in a new publication) and, in collaboration with experts on research integrity and publication in STEM, has developed guidelines that will help authors understand how they can recycle text ethically and appropriately and help editors create policies that reflect best practices and current research. The release of these documents was covered by Science magazine in a news article published 6/25/2021. The TRRP is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, and its advisory board includes representatives from COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics), CSE (Council of Science Editors), the American Chemical Society, the National Institute of Health (NIH), and the British Medical Journal (BMJ), among others.


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