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Georgia Southern Theatre explores Touch in a world where you can’t

Georgia Southern Theatre’s second production of the fall semester is a devised piece based on the idea of what touch means in a world where you cannot. Created entirely by the cast and production team, this piece is a collection of sketches, dances, and songs that are a reflection of the lived experience of the cast and how they have navigated life in the world of COVID-19.

The students began the process with discussions about what touch meant, how it has changed, what the experience of living in a pandemic has mean for them. Affectionately referring to the process as one in which they threw a bunch of idea at the wall to see what would stick, the resulting performance is both funny and heartfelt. Original poetry, dance, and song work next to sketches performed over the medium of Zoom, Touch will be streamed from Wednesday, Nov. 11, through Sunday, Nov. 15. To access the streaming, visit

The production is free of charge and will begin at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 11. For more information, email


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