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Students produce commercials

The Communication Arts studio has remained open, and students in the Studio Applications class, working with Assistant Professor of Multimedia Film & Production Dean Cummings, are currently producing 12 commercials with actual clients from outside of class. All of their work will be seen on the campus websites of Georgia Southern Health Services, Emergency Management, and International Admissions.  Because studio production is conducted in a closed space, classes and professional operations have had to make significant adjustments to allow work to continue. With professional medical videos often produced in sterile environments,  video production companies have taken some of the protocols and applied them to their work spaces. Cummings has previous experience producing videos in surgical suites, and he, similarly, incorporated some of the surgical protocols into his classroom. Cummings wanted to ensure the Studio Applications class could work safely in the Sanford Hall studios while learning. With the support of the students, the class adopted the Georgia Film Academy Covid-19 rules to keep their work environment safe, and in so doing, the students are learning what rules the professional video production companies have in place and all of them are certified in Covid-19 Health Regulations via the Georgia Film Academy. PPE incorporated into the class included lab coats, masks, and hats or caps. 


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