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Breaking Gendered Boundaries in our Bones & our Crimes

The Moveable Feast returns for the spring, and we hope you’ll join us for the first of our 2020 lectures/performances (Thursday, March 5 at 6:00pm at the Temple Mickve Israel), where Drs. Virginia Estabrook and Kate Perry will challenge us to examine how expectations about gender influence profound judgements about the political and personal worth of others. Dr. Estabrook will focus on Savannah’s own Casimir Pulaski, exploring anthropologists’ forensic attributions about Pulaski’s gender–attributions that seem to have been unearthed with the very bones of this Revolutionary War general. Dr. Perry will shift the focus to contemporary issues and outline the experiences of women involved in human trafficking–discussing women as victims, perpetrators, law enforcement officers, NGO workers, and academics. Together these scholars will ask us to reconsider the worlds that are possible when we break the boundaries of gender. 

If you have never visited the Temple before and would like a brief guided tour through this beautiful space and its museum, meet Dr. Daniel Skidmore-Hess at the Temple’s side door entrance at 5:30 p.m. that same evening. 

A reception will follow the lecture.


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