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City of Savannah website features work by Georgia Southern students

Alyssa Saldivar

The city of Savannah has posted a new link on its Historical Documents & Research website that features the work of Georgia Southern University students. The web app, named Savannah’s Maritime Cultural Landscape, includes a map which features sites related to maritime history across the Savannah and the coastal area.  The project uses data gathered during Assistant Professor of History Dr. Kurt Knoerl’s 2019 spring semester maritime archaeology class.  Each student identified an element of Savannah’s maritime past, recorded its exact location, conducted background research and photographed the site.  Some are well known such as the Tybee Island Lighthouse while others, like the small oyster bateau Miss Helen in front of a local seafood shop, are more obscure. Georgia Southern University senior Alyssa Saldivar used the data from these 21 sites in her summer independent study. Working with Dr. Knoerl and a grant from Museum of Underwater Archaeology, Ms. Saldivar edited the application which helps tourists find and learn about Savannah’s maritime past. Visitors to the site can see a map of all sites or select themes such as anchors and lighthouses. Savannah’s Maritime Cultural Landscape is an excellent example of Georgia Southern students learning and engaging with the community while providing a benefit for Savannah’s residents and visitors. 


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