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Brockmeier Faculty Award presented on the Armstrong Campus

The Brockmeier Faculty Award is given annually to a full-time faculty member who has been on the Armstrong Campus for not less than one year and not more than five years, who is recognized as an outstanding teacher, and who has made significant contributions through service to the university and its students. Ms. Kristina Brockmeier, a former director of Library Services, endowed this award to express her enduring interest in the faculty and students at Armstrong.

This year’s recipient of the Kristina Brockmeier Award  has been a member of the Armstrong Campus faculty since 2017. Since the moment he set foot on campus two years ago, he has been making innovative and significant contributions to the university. In the words of one of his students, he guides them to explore not only new information, viewpoints, and ideas, but also “new possibilities for their futures.” Just last year, for example, Dr. Knoerl greatly expanded the educational opportunities and experiences for our students by rapidly establishing our campus as a center for maritime studies, a field this student now wants to explore in graduate school. Clearly Dr. Knoerl’s classes are highly interactive, incorporating vigorous classroom debate, field experiences, and museum installations. Lucky the students who accompany him out to the Wormsloe Plantation where they work together to preserve and archive the several historically significant boats he has acquired and where they contribute their work to the Museum of Underwater Archeology’s website. Dr. Knoerl’s passion about the field of maritime history has, in fact, led him to develop new undergraduate and graduate classes in the field, making him an extremely valued and popular professor in the department, so much so that he holds the distinction of being the only person in the department to have a fully enrolled, face-to-face course for the summer! Again, in the words of another of his students, “He has a staggering amount of respect from his students, and I am writing on their behalf to express the support he has from all of us!” 

Please join me in congratulating the recipient of the Kristina C. Brockmeier Faculty Award for 2018-2019, from the Department of History, Dr. Kurt Knoerl.    


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