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Great Minds Lecture Series Continues March 23: Dan Pioske, Ph.D., to Speak

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences’ (CLASS) 2017 Great Minds Lecture Series will continue on Thursday, March 23 with Assistant Professor of religious studies Dan Pioske, Ph.D., presenting “Why is the Bible a Text: Memory, Orality, and the Birth of Prose Literature.”

Pioske’s lecture will examine the possible early audiences for the Hebrew Bible, the factors that led to its composition, and how prose writing emerged from an oral storytelling tradition in ancient Israel.

“One of the great mysteries of the Hebrew Bible is how its stories about the past came to be,” said Pioske. “This question is made more difficult at the outset by the fact that the ancient biblical writers who composed these texts took no credit for them, thus leaving these writings with no discernible author in view.”

The “Torah Scroll” and the “Cuneiform Tablet” will both be used throughout the lecture. These documents will be on display through May 5 at the Zach S. Henderson Library’s Remnant Trust Exhibit.

The lecture will take place in the Russell Union, room 2047. It is free and open to the public.

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