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CLASS’ Great Minds series returns for Fall


CreativeMind_blueThe College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences announces the return of its Great Minds Lecture Series during Georgia Southern’s Weeks of Welcome on Monday, September 15, 2014, in the Biological Sciences Building, Room 1115, as it presents The Moth Project in collaboration with the University’s Center for Sustainability.

As part of a Center for Sustainability grant awarded to their PlantBot Genetics collaborative, Ceramics Professor Jeff Schmuki of the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art and Wendy DesChene, associate professor of art at Auburn University, present The Moth Project, a solar-powered light and projection installation/event focused on the importance of pollinating insects in our environment.

Our primary pollinator, the honeybee, is in rapid decline, and we do not know exactly why. PlantBotGenetics asks: “What if we had to rely on ‘second-shift pollinators,’such as moths, to pollinate our food and flowers?”

Schmuki and DesChene’s Great Minds lecture introduces The Moth Project and the science behind it. Attendees are invited to stay after the talk for a live demonstration across the street from the Biology Building.

Reflective-light tents alongside the ArtLab, an off-grid, solar-powered 18-foot trailer housing a mobile artspace/laboratory, will visit several outdoor locations at Georgia Southern from September 12-19. Open to the public, the ArtLab will project videos with black lights to attract moths and other nighttime pollinators.

The Moth Project underscores the decline of the pollinator populations and the need to preserve the environment while seeking alternatives for pollination.

PlantBot Genetics will compile its findings into a free pollinator field guide and will share information on simple actions that the community can take to foster a better understanding of and positive relationship with pollinators.

Light refreshments will be provided, and guests are asked to register to attend the event.




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Student Sustainability Fees at work!

The Great Minds Lecture Series is presented by the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Georgia Southern’s College of the Creative Mind. CLASS prepares its students to achieve academic excellence, develop their analytical skills, enhance their creativity, and embrace their responsibilities as citizens of their communities, nations, and world.

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