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MFA Thesis Work


The MFA prepares students for professional careers as practicing artists and designers, for positions as studio art professors in higher education, or for work in other Arts-related fields requiring advanced study in studio arts. Georgia Southern’s MFA degree program guides graduate students toward competence in specific art media while addressing that in contemporary art the boundaries of various disciplines often consciously cross when relevant to student conceptual and production goals.

The MFA degree program at Georgia Southern offers concentrations in Studio Art or Graphic Design. Each degree consists of graduate-level courses in studio, art history, and theoretical disciplines. The full-time, residential program requires a maximum of three years for completion. The program culminates with an MFA thesis exhibition, demonstrating professional-level competency, accompanied by a written support thesis reviewed by a graduate thesis committee. Formal faculty reviews of student work are conducted throughout the semester to guide students forward in completing their degree requirements.

MFA students are offered studio space to create and develop their artwork. The BFSDoArt also offers many graduate assistantships and graduate teaching positions to help cover tuition, fees, and supply costs. These assistantships also provide valuable work experience which gives the Department’s graduates a valuable edge in their career goals.



Lyndsey Frantz, Studio Art
Meredith Conger, Studio Art
Marcus Cook, Graphic Design
Ellyn Duncan, Graphic Design
Parissa Farmoudehyamcheh,
Graphic Design
Zohreh Galdizadeh, Studio Art
Naghmeh Hachempour, Studio Art
Nicholas James, Studio Art
Nicole James, Studio Art
Tameka Phillips, Studio Art
Hans Mortensen, Graphic Design
Makaili Taylor, Graphic Design
Cody Thomas, Studio Art

Master of Fine Arts Candidates

Jessica Cartwright, Studio Art
Amy Nelson, Studio Art
Eric Sanders, Studio Art
Madeline Shelor, Studio Art
Ashrafi Sultana, Studio Art


Amoda, Olu Sculpture Seeds of Passage Seeds of Passage
Aslam, Affaf Graphic Design Empowering Women of Pakistan Empowering Women of Pakistan
Ballentine, Suzanne Mixed Media Miss Conception, and Missed Directions (Assemblage and Feminist Images) Assemblage and Feminist Images
Barksdale, Elizabeth Sculpture Rhythm  Rhythm
Bobinger, Linda Ceramics Living Marks in Clay  Living Marks in Clay
Briere, Colette Painting Stations  Stations
Brooks, Jennifer Sculpture A Figurative Artist’s Move Toward Formalism  A figurative artist's move toward formalism
Brown, Brenda Studio Art Zen and the Art of the Journey
Burch, Charles  Sculpture Captured Artifacts
Burkhalter, William Printmaking A Formalist’s Move  
Carroll, David Painting/Drawing And the Word Became Flesh: Visual Thoughts on the Book of John  
Clark, Eric 3D Some Assembly Required
Clark, Gayle Shaw Ceramics Tripping the Beauty Queen  
Conger, Meredith Studio Art Plot
Cook, Marcus Graphic Design Understanding User Interface and User Experience
Davis, Jolanta Painting Sublime States of Agony
Dawson, Herman Graphic Design Altering Perceptions
Depetris, Mariana Printmaking The Magician’s Assistant Artist Book and the Interrelations Between Texts and Images  
Dent, Kenneth Painting Aesthetics of Violence  
Durrence, Barney Ceramics Agrarian Impressions  
Duncan, Ellyn E. Graphic Design A Study of the Visual and Verbal Languages of Typography
Eckmann, Dorothy Sculpture A Search for Center  
Epps, Cynthia Studio Art Considering Perspectives
Faris, Anthony 3D Studio  Risen Land  
Farley, Dontay Graphic Design Happy
Farmoudehyamcheh, Parisa Graphic Design A Systems Approach to Graphic Design Practice
Felzien, Kate Painting In Context  
Finch, Roger Sculpture
Fix, Amy Painting Skin Deep: The Elusive Aphrodite  
Fosterwelsh, Wendy Painting  Soul Evolution  
Foxx, Scott 2D Studio  Infrastructure
Frantz, Lyndsey Studio Art  Present in Presence
Fremeau, Brooke Graphic Design Zoetic Fitness Zoetic Fitness Thesis
Furlow, Claudia 2D Studio The Anatomy of Disgust and the Sublime in Metamodern Painting
Galdizadeh, Zohreh Studio Art Ex-tensions: Material Entanglement and Intensities
Galusha, Jenn Ceramics Invasive Interactions   
Gibbs, Susan Ceramics Creatress: A Woman’s Hand
Giles, Merritt 2D Minimizing Chaos  
Hachempour, Naghmeh Studio Art Surface, Depth, and the Ephemeral Experience
Hall, Kristina B. Painting Change Does Not Wait  
Harmon, Susan Painting/Drawing Poiesis  
Hickey, Patrick Printmaking Biomorphic Improvisation as an Image Making Strategy  
Hooten, Kyle Studio Art Deconstructing Abject Complacency of Ascribed Gender
Horne, Angela Graphic Design Perception and Reality: An Examination of American Print Advertising  
James, Nicole D. Studio Art [P]lace: Reinterpreting the Feminine
James, Nikolaus D. Studio Art Plausible Expositions with Possible Expeditions
Keats, Kim Sculpture Arboreal Alphabet  
Kelley, Zachary Studio Art Neo_Fluxus & Dragons
Kyzer, Kristin Painting The Last Word  
Ruth P.
3D Studio Confabulation
LaDrig, Jacqueline Ceramics From Pandemonium to Creative Production  
Lawson, Charles Painting Anxiety in Progress  
Lesh, Michael 3D Studio Aggro Duality
Liu, Yousha Painting Eastern Mind/ Western Eyes: An Asian Artist’s Search for Personal Imagery While Living in a Western Culture
Mann, Anthony Sculpture Geometric Portraits: Anthropomorphic, Zoomorphic and Inanimate Forms in Bark, Cellulose and Lignin  
McCoy, Jason Sculpture Rough Hewn  
McGlaughlin, Jennifer Graphic Design The Hapathetic Generation  
McKee, Garry  Sculpture  Chronicle: A Visual Diary  
McManus, Jessamy Studio Art Neon Nature
Militano, Glenda Studio Art Resilience
Miller, B. D. Sculpture Playground for the Imagination  
Mixon, Emily Photography The Lightness of Being and the Burden of Gravity  
Moore, Dixie Drawing Toward a Deeper Resemblance
Morrison, Kathryn Sculpture 14,000 and 18   
Mortensen, Hans Graphic Design Using Graphic Design to Enhance The Visitor Experience at The Center for Wildlife Education at Georgia Southern University
Murphy, Christopher Painting Reconstructing Paradigms of Expression  
Neal, Stephanie Arends Graphic Design Colaboratory: Design Collaboration for the Greater Good Colaboratory: Design Collaboration for the Greater Good Thesis
Nelson, Nicholas Mixed Media Between Order and Chaos
Oladeinde, Usman Studio Art In Search of Communication
Osako, Mary Painting Hunger, Madness, and Crime  
Oursler, Duke Sculpture 3+1 Dimensions
Parker, Michelle Small Metals Damaged Goods  
Parsons, Alla Painting If I Could Have Opened my Heart  
Perez, Alicia 2D La Sangra Llama (“The Blood Beckons”)  
Phillips, Tameka Studio Art Patterns of Identity
Purcell, Desmal Photography Imperfect Balance  
Quagliano, Michael Painting Paintings, Windows and Voyeurism  
Quilichini, Patricia Photography Between Morality & Myth: A Parodic Visual Manifesto
Randolph, Robert Ceramics  Natural Forces, Natural Forms  
Rebel, Max 2D Studio  Fragmented  
Rene, Sarah Ceramics The Ties that Bind
Reynolds, Janann Sculpture
Riner, Kimberly 3D Studio  Shadowlands  
Rodday, Cynthia Printmaking Portals: Past and Present
Romero, Wendy Sculpture Half a Second: Mundane to Beautiful  
Russell, Virginia 3D Earthbound: Celebrating the Natural World Enjoying Good Food and Good Company  
Rosa, Ferdinand Painting/Ceramics Soulful Art-Making and The Unconscious Mind  
Ryan, Courtney Studio Art Irrational Aggregates
Sayer, Cherie Painting The Body in Pain  
Smith, Collin Graphic Design Feral: Forming an (Aggressive) Identity through the Use of Visual Narrative
Smith, Linda Ceramics Crystalline Glazes: Study of Colouring Oxides/Carbonates
Stewart, Jennifer Ceramics Objects of Attraction  
Stewart, Wesley 3D Drawing in Space  
Strayhorn II, Julian Graphic Design Narrowing the Margin: The Role of the Black Superhero  
Suarez, Janet 2D Reflections on Our Time  
Sullivan, Lindsey 2D Graphic Design The Project Shop
Taylor, Makaili J. Studio Art Visual Feast
Thomas, Cody A. Studio Art Myelination: A Plastic Religion Colaboratory: Design Collaboration for The Greater Good Thesis
Tyson, Lindsay B. Graphic Design  Colaboratory: Design Collaboration for The Greater Good Colaboratory: Design Collaboration for The Greater Good Thesis
Leuven, Heidi Van Painting Exploring Contexts of Ubiquitous Sculptures  
Wallace, Cindy Photography Doppelgangers: A Photographer’s Journey into Light and Shadow
Walker, Jason Graphic Design Eleven Bullets: A Counter Assault on Subjectivity and the Creation of Meaning  
Weathers, Kench Studio Art  Mindful Escapism
Williams, Brent Jewelry Thinking Through Objects  
Winsemius, Ian Ceramics Catching Fire  
Yancey, John Painting
Zhou, Jing Graphic Design Ch’An Mind, Zen Mind: Visual Meditations on the Ultimate Reality and Absolute Calmness  

Last updated: 3/30/2022