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Master of Fine Arts

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Studio Art 

Graphic Design

MFA Thesis Work

Our full-time, three-year residential program allows students to immerse themselves in a community with state-of-the-art facilities, a tuition-waiver, graduate assistantships and personal studio spaces. The Master of Fine Arts curriculum includes graduate-level studio practice, art history, theory and professional practices coursework. Students expand their studio practice and break traditional boundaries to meet their artistic goals.

Recognizing the close scholarly and functional relationship between Art and Design, the MFA is cross-disciplinary and combines technical skills, inquiry, and investigation. The MFA enables degree holders to become professional practitioners in art and design, educators, leaders in critical thinking, and significant contributors in the contemporary dialog of their discipline. We have a robust visiting artist rotation of professionals who have made significant contributions in their field. Recently we hosted gallerist Bridget Donahue and new media artist/author Manuel Lima.

Here at Georgia Southern, we have a dedicated group of faculty looking forward to working with you. We are in the process of expanding our MFA program and its studio spaces and it should be noted that many of our students are receiving tuition-waivers and graduate assistantships.

If you would like to speak further about opportunities here at Georgia Southern please contact our MFA Program Director, Angela Horne.

Graduate Faculty
Art History / Theory
Tiffanie Townsend
2D Studios

Elsie Taliaferro Hill, Jessica Hines, Jason Hoelscher, Norton Pease
3D Studios

Jeff P. Garland, Christina Lemon, Marc Moulton
4D Studios
Derek Larson
Graphic Design
Santanu Majumdar, Jason Murdock, Ed Rushton

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