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Bachelor of Fine Arts

Georgia Southern offers three distinct Bachelor of Fine Arts programs. Each program offers students the opportunity to specialize in a specific area of art & design. Students pursuing a B.F.A. are required to complete the Foundations Program before starting their degree coursework. This exciting first year provides an intellectually rigorous, studio-based experience in the fundamental issues of art and design. Students work through a series of learning experiences designed to address traditional, interdisciplinary, and innovative approaches to technical and conceptual practices.

In addition to leading directly to employment, our Bachelor of Fine Arts programs provide the basis for further professional education at the Master of Fine Arts level. Our graduates have successfully pursued Master of Fine Arts degrees in the fields of ceramics, drawing and painting, photography, graphic design, fiber arts and digital art and master’s degrees in art education.

The 2D and 3D Studio Art programs are available on both the Statesboro and the Armstrong Campuses. Some courses for the Graphic Design major are only available on the Statesboro campus. 

BFA Graphic Design
The Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design at Georgia Southern University prepares you for careers in today’s creative and innovative society. Our graphic design degree challenges you think critically and visually in order to solve commercial, cultural, global and social communication problems.
Visual communication solutions typically include:
  •       Complex identity and branding systems
  •       Publications and layout
  •       Motion sequences
  •       Advertising
  •       Retail products
  •       Architectural signage
  •       Information structures
  •       Websites

Our students work with the latest software and printing methods to create attention-grabbing designs. Check out our student artwork here >>

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Graphic Design Careers

Graphic design majors learn a wide range of critical thinking and visual skills that equip them for several careers. These include:

  • Creative Services Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • User Interface(UI)/User Experience (UX) Designer
  • Multimedia Artist/Animator
  • Set Designer for Theater and Film
  • Stained Glass Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Brand Specialist
  • Creative Director
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Fashion Designer

Program Options

Georgia Southern also offers a minor in Graphic Communications. This means our students have the opportunity to learn the full scope of the design and production process — making our graduates uniquely marketable.

Along with your Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design coursework, you will focus on professional opportunities and practical experience, building a portfolio that will enable you to enter the industry. At our state-of-the-art graphic design school, you will have access to several Mac computer labs, a photography studio with green screens, SLR digital cameras, plotters and printers — all housed in the Arts Building.

Students may choose to begin the Graphic Design program at the Armstrong Campus however, there are some courses required in the major that are only offered on the Statesboro Campus. Students should consult with their advisor before registering for classes.

BFA, 2D Studio Art Concentration

The Bachelor of Fine Arts, Two-Dimensional (2D) Studio art degree program provides you with a sequence of studio experiences and critical encounters in two-dimensional art forms including drawing, painting, and print, paper and book arts. Through the demonstration of techniques, materials, studio practices, and critique, BFSDoArt faculty strengthen your capacities to question your intentions and expand your technical expertise and research practice to develop a coherent body of advanced work that is the beginning of your professional art career.

Though this program, you will have access to Mac computer labs, studio spaces, and a photography studio with green screens and SLR digital cameras.

BFA, 3D Studio Art Concentration

The Bachelor of Fine Arts, Three-Dimensional (3D) Studio art degree program immerses you in a sequence of studio experiences in 3D art forms, including ceramics, sculpture, fibers, and jewelry / small metals. Through the demonstration of techniques, materials, studio practices, and critique, BFSDoArt faculty strengthen your capacities to question your intentions and expand your technical expertise.

Through this 3D art program, you will develop a coherent body of advanced work that prepares you to pursue opportunities within the professional art world. In the program, you have access to cutting-edge 3D art school technology in the areas of ceramics, metal fabrication, wood shop, foundry, and jewelry and small metals.

The BFSDoArt’s Ceramics & Sculpture Building houses many of the 3D studio courses and equipment including the program’s 3D powder printer, plasma cutting table, biometric sawstop table saw, foundry furnace and gas forge, and various types of kilns.

Last updated: 7/21/2022