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Bachelor of Arts

Georgia Southern offers three Bachelor of Arts programs. Each program offers students an opportunity to specialize in a specific area of art & design. Students pursuing a B.A. are required to complete the Foundations Program before starting their degree coursework. This exciting first year provides an intellectually rigorous, studio-based experience in the fundamental issues of art and design. Students work through a series of learning experiences designed to address traditional, interdisciplinary, and innovative approaches to technical and conceptual practices.


B.A. in Art, Art History Concentration

The Bachelor of Arts in Art History degree program provides you with an interdisciplinary understanding of artworks, visual experience, and material objects from diverse periods, cultures and media. The scholarly investigation and analysis of visual styles, cultural movements, and social evidence in the history of art sustains a greater understanding of civilization. Introductory level courses encourage your basic understanding and appreciation of works of art. The advanced curriculum offers a more intensive and specialized knowledge of art history, providing an opportunity for you to pursue a broad range of cultural and historical genres in the field.

Students attending the bachelor degree in art history program have access to numerous databases including OmniFile, Bibliography of the History of Art, and Oxford Art Online as well as many reference sources and books at the Zach S. Henderson Library at Georgia Southern University. Nikki Reich serves as the BFSDoArt’s Library Liaison to assist in students’ research efforts.


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B.A. in Art, Studio Art Concentration

The Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art degree program provides you with a comprehensive survey of experiences in the visual arts through coursework in art history and multiple studio arts including:

  •       Ceramics
  •       Drawing
  •       Graphic design
  •       Jewelry/small metals
  •       Animation
  •       New media
  •       Painting
  •       Digital imaging
  •       Printmaking
  •       Sculpture

This overview provides you with broader training than the focused B.F.A.s in 2D Studios and 3D Studios.

Coursework fosters critical thinking and conceptual development through creative studio production and art historical framework. Studio Art majors like you combine their studies with a minor in areas such as psychology, business, or foreign languages to pursue studio art jobs in art therapy, art administration, arts business management, or international studies, in addition to professional studio art careers.

As a Studio Art major, you can choose to emphasize in two growing areas of study, including photography and 4D Studios:

  •    Photography students discover their individual style while evaluating the conceptual integrity and power of the photographic image. Students have access to the tools necessary to succeed with the Department’s well-equipped studios, professional equipment, and digital labs with multimedia capabilities. Photography is a rapidly evolving discipline, and it is the Department’s goal is to provide a broad-based technical education that allows students to grasp the creative potential of digital imaging required to succeed as fine art photographer
  •    Are you interested in learning about animation and new media? 4D Studios is the study of contemporary art and technology in an interdisciplinary studio setting. Students are prepared to create a competitive portfolio in digital art, video, animation, net art, sound and web-based work. Students will engage with emergent media to address issues in contemporary art, society, and the global network.

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B.A. in Art, Visual Arts Concentration

Students who earn a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts study various means of artistic production, combined with art history and aesthetics. We offer five major focus areas: drawing and painting, ceramics and ceramic sculpture, fiber arts, photography and graphic design. The 15-hour block of elective hours gives our students ample opportunity to explore other studies in the natural and physical sciences, the humanities, and social economics. The electives, along with the core curriculum of the College of Liberal Arts, prepare our students with a foundation for understanding the artist’s role in western culture. They gain the intellectual skills to produce and critically evaluate artistic production.

Program Features

Our students have many opportunities for internships, exhibition venues and contact with other student artists because Armstrong is located in Savannah, which is a city that is rapidly becoming a center for the study of the arts. While the University is a large institution classes are generally small, so art students get personalized attention from qualified professors in an excellent academic environment.

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The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art currently does not require portfolios to be admitted to our undergraduate programs. However, some programs, such as Graphic Design, require students to pass a Portfolio Review at the end of the second year.

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