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Below are the most frequently asked questions the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art (BFSDoArt) receives. Can’t find your answer? Email your question to

FAQs for Prospective Students


How do I apply?

Students seeking Bachelors Degrees will find a list of requirements on the Office of Admissions website. Graduate students may find admissions requirements through the Office of Graduate Admissions.Are scholarships available for incoming students?

Why, yes there are! In addition to departmental scholarships, there are many other opportunities for incoming students both on and off campus. The Office of Financial Aid is an excellent resource for information about federal and state aid programs and also provides information about external scholarships. Students apply to most scholarships through the MyScholarships Application portal.

How can my AP (Advanced Placement) credits be applied toward my degree?

Incoming Freshmen who have Art AP credits must earn a 4 or higher on their AP exam. More information about AP credits and a list of courses is available through the Office of Admissions. AP credits will be reviewed with an Academic Advisor during SOAR (Southern’s Orientation, Advisement, and Registration).

Do you require a portfolio of work to be accepted into the studio art programs?

The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art currently does not require portfolios to be admitted to our undergraduate programs. However, the BFA in Graphic Design requires students to pass a Portfolio Review at the end of their second year to continue in the program.

Can I study Graphic Design at the Armstrong Campus?

The Graphic Design major is a Statesboro Campus program. This means that most of the required courses for the major (and the minor) are only offered in Statesboro. If a student chooses to begin the program on the Armstrong Campus, they would need to commute or switch to the Statesboro Campus to complete the program. The only reason that a student can start on the Armstrong Campus is to complete the foundations area of the program. Students should consult with their advisor to create a plan that considers graphic design course rotations and pre-reqs.

Transfer students with questions about the BFA in Graphic Design may contact the Department via email at

Can I study Art Education in Statesboro?

Yes. Students who want to begin the BS Art Education program may start the program on either the Statesboro or Armstrong Campus. However, some required courses for the Art Education major are only available in-person on the Armstrong Campus. Students should consult with their advisor to develop a plan.

Can I study visual arts on the Armstrong Campus?

Yes. Students may choose to pursue studio art with an BA or BFA program on the Armstrong Campus. Minors in Photography/Digital Imaging, Studio Art, and Art History are also fully available on the Armstrong Campus.

Am I required to purchase a computer?

The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art does not require students to furnish a personal computer. Students have access to computer labs and peripheral equipment during class and during limited open lab hours. In addition, the Henderson Library in Statesboro has computer labs available 24/7. Students rarely will need access to industry software until their second year. It is strongly recommended that students supplement the program’s technology with equipment of their own. At this time, we recommend the following:

MacBook ProMacBook Pro 13-inch

8GB Memory & 256GB Storage

icon_info_pinkKeep in mind that students can buy discounted software and computers. The University Store on the Statesboro Campus can assist you in your purchase. View more information regarding the BFSDoArt computer lab.  icon_externallink_grn

Can prospective students sit in on a class?

Absolutely! We encourage prospective students to sit in on classes between Mondays and Thursdays because that is when our department is most active. Please, contact us to arrange your visit.

What is Graphic Communications?

Graphic Communications is one of six art minors. This program educates students with printing techniques and technology used in the printing industry to prepare graduates for careers as account executives, project managers, and the like.

Will my current college courses transfer?

Once you have been accepted to Georgia Southern University you will receive a credit evaluation detailing which courses will transfer into our institution. For more detailed information about what specific class will transfer, please use the Registrar’s Transfer Equivalency Tool.


What are the main differences between the BA and BFA degrees?

Both the BFA and BA prepare students for careers in the art world and entry into a graduate program. The Studio Art BFA is for students who want to develop discipline-specific mastery and/or interdisciplinary professional practice in studio art. The program requires more upper-level studio art courses than the BA. The BA is for students who have interests outside of the studio. The BA requires students to choose a minor which allows students to combine their art degree with a program from a different area. BA students also must complete a foreign language sequence through level 2002. Typically, this translates into a total of four foreign language courses: 1001, 1002, 2001, and 2002. 

What CORE classes do I need?

Every undergraduate student at Georgia Southern University is required to take the same CORE classes in addition to their selected major coursework. Please review the Course Catalog for more information.
FAQs for Current Students


What are the minimum grade requirements for Art Majors?

Art Majors must earn a “C” or better in all courses in the Major. All Foundation courses must be completed prior to Concentration Requirements.

Must students follow a course sequence requirement?

Students must successfully complete prerequisites for courses and take courses in the proper sequence. Please consult your Academic Advisor for more information or refer to the Course Catalog.

What is the Graphic Design Portfolio Review?

Held annually at end of the Spring Semester, Graphic Design majors require a successful review of their  Graphic Design work to continue into upper-level Graphic Design courses.

Are students required to have internships?

Art History, Graphic Design, and Studio Art Majors have the option to take an internship course. A professional internship is offered as a program elective and requires a total institution GPA of 2.75 to register for credit. Art Education students are required to complete student teaching requirements.

Where do I look for internships?

The Office of Career and Professional Development works with various employers who are looking to hire Georgia Southern students and alumni. You can find internships through their office, your professor, or you can find one on your own. You are not restricted to the internships that we offer; go out, network and find an internship that specifically meets your needs—just make sure your internship advisor signs off on it.

How many credit hours should I take?

Contact your Academic Advisor for questions about credit hours. (How many credits are required to have an on-campus job, be considered full time, etc? In addition, your advisor can answer questions about course load, 4-year plans of study, course rotations, etc.)

How do I get my RAN?

You must be advised to obtain your Registration Access Number or RAN. Make an appointment with our Academic Advisor.

Can I and why would I declare a minor with the BFSDoArt?

The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art (BFSDoArt) offers a variety of minors that can help shape your future career path or even open possibilities for careers you haven’t considered. In Statesboro, students can declare a minor in Animation/New Media, Art History, Graphic Communications, Graphic Design, Photography/Digital Imaging, or Studio Art. Minors in Studio Art, Art History and Photography/Digital Imaging are also offered on the Armstrong Campus.

How do I clear for graduation?

Students will create a graduation plan with their Academic Advisor during the fall of their junior year. Students will apply via WINGS at least THREE semesters prior to the term they plan to graduate. Your advisor will remind you during your advisement appointments. The latest to apply for graduation is prior to the start of your last semester.


Why are creative degrees attractive to employers?

FORBES Magazine says it best, “We’ve entered a new imagination-inspired ecosystem that rewards ideation over mere production, and marks creativity as an undeniable catalyst to an organization’s success.” (2011)

What can I do with my degree?

Plenty. But sometimes you have to be JUST as creative in getting a job as you are in the studio. A couple of examples of jobs our alumni hold are:
A 2D alumni painted the ornate details inside of Atlanta mosques.
A Graphic Design alumna paints the in-store advertising signs for Trader Joes.

How can I find out about job openings?

As a student of the BFSDoArt, you are automatically signed up on our mailing list. Make sure to update your profile to receive announcements regarding job opportunities. (We send them out to Alumni, too!) Georgia Southern’s Office of Career and Professional Development is another excellent resource.
FAQs for Parents

How can I stay informed about department events?

We invite parents of the BFSDoArt to join our mailing list to keep up with department events, advising, and student announcements.

How can I stay informed about campus events?

Georgia Southern’s Parent Programs, of course!

Do I have a voice in my student’s college career?

Yes, as long as your student signs off on their FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), we can speak to you about their coursework.

Can we schedule a tour of the BFSDoArt?

Of course! Let us know when you’d like to visit our department in Statesboro or Savannah and we’ll arrange a tour of our facilities, discuss degree options and so much more. It also wouldn’t hurt to meet with Admissions while you’re here!

Who can my student speak to regarding his coursework? (what to take, in what order, etc.)

The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art has two dedicated Academic Advisors to assist students in the advising and registration process. They also can help students with pre-professional development and referrals to beneficial on- and off-campus resources.

FAQs for Alumni

How can I stay informed about department events?

Sign up for our mailing list.

Can the BFSDoArt assist me in my job hunt?

Absolutely. Part of our mailing list has an option to hear about career openings solicited to the BFSDoArt. Make sure you have that selected. You also can find a BFSDoArt Alumni Group on LinkedIn to assist with networking and job sharing. Georgia Southern’s Office of Career and Professional Development is another excellent resource.

FAQs for the Community


How can I stay informed about department events?

Sign up for our mailing list.

Last updated: 6/6/2023