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Schmuki presents work in solo show at CRETA Rome

Jeff Schmuki

Jeff Schmuki, “Arduino Figurine”

Associate Professor Jeff Schmuki will exhibit Arduino Powered Porcelain Figurines in a solo show at CRETA Rome titled Varietà Comune during Rome Art Week October 22-27 in Rome, Italy.  The exhibition is composed of works created during a CRETA Rome Residency last summer.

Inspired by Rome’s collision of the eternal and contemporary, found porcelain figurines are recontextualized and recycled. Their superficial nature is obscured, and when inserted into settings reminiscent of decay and rubble, historical fashions become familiar, yet alien. Placed onto remote-controlled Arduino platforms and driven in the street gives the figurines life beyond their mass-produced, static origins and reinserts them into the life of the city.

Link to video here:


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