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Alumni Spotlight: Mariah Smith,
Graphic Designer

Mariah Smith

Mariah Smith

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graphic Design (2017)

ON-CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Design Circle (President); Hair Crush (Founder and President); Black Student Alliance (Member), Blaqshion (Model), MAP (MAPee), University Housing (Community Leader)

CURRENT POSITION: Graphic Design Trainee for the Atlanta Braves


Post graduation, Mariah moved back home to metropolitan Atlanta to begin her job search. After several interviews with companies in the hospitality, entertainment, and technology industries, Mariah was unsure which industry best fit her and her talents. However, she kept an open mind and applied for as many opportunities as she could. Through this process, she realized her interest in working for a sport and media entertainment-based company. With this in mind, Mariah applied for and was accepted to the Atlanta Braves Trainee Program as a graphic designer.  


QUESTION (Q): How did the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art help you secure your current position with the Atlanta Braves?

MARIAH SMITH (MS): Georgia Southern’s art program was comprehensive and challenged me to learn different art forms. When I was interviewed, I knew concepts that helped me showcase my artistic versatility. This gave me a competitive advantage. Since being here, I’ve enjoyed exploring the company’s resources. The Braves wants their organization to be represented via graphic design. There is also a small group of Georgia Southern alumni that work for the Braves. It’s cool having a small Southern family away from Southern.


Q: What advice do you have for anyone who is seeking a professional career with their degree in art?

MS: Don’t be worried about knowing exactly where you want to go. You can get there, get interviews, then realize it’s not what you really like. I didn’t think of baseball at first, but the company itself and the people that work in it are really supportive and want you to succeed. Look for paid positions, as well. You have a degree and you are worth that. Be open-minded to everything. Think about the long run.


Q: If there was one thing you wish you would have known prior to graduation, what would it be?

MS: This is not the end of working super hard. As I entered senior year, I would tell myself, “okay, this is my last year to get it done!” As soon as I graduated, I was like “Nope! You’ve still got to keep going.” You will have to grind to get the job and when you’re in the job, you have to grind to keep it. Also, budget correctly (so you can save up for your own place) and always remember to make time for yourself.


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