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2017 Humane Society Calendars for sale

Art 4190

Professor Jessica Burke’s Art 4190 Illustration Class recently published it’s annual Humane Society Calendar.

Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art students have worked together this semester to create a 2017 Humane Society calendar which is on sale now. A wall and desk format are available and each costs $10. Proceeds go to the Statesboro/Bulloch County Humane Society.

Each month features a beautiful animal illustration created by one of the students in Professor Jessica Burke’s Illustration class. Layout and printing was completed by Graphic Communications Management students in Professor Hans Mortensen’s class. The project served as a hands-on collaborative service learning exercise where students, planned, created and produced a publication together. And since this is a fundraising opportunity for a worthy cause, students are motivated to work on salesmanship and marketing to get their product into the hands of the public.

“Initially the illustration students learn to problem solve within the context of the problem presented to them–in this case, creating an illustration of an animal in a ‘human’ environment. This allows them to take ownership of their own learning. They also learn the value of healthy competition since they are part of the selection process to choose 12 illustrations from roughly 28 submitted,” said Burke.

Once the final images were selected, they were shared with the GCM class where students created and presented a variety of calendar designs, only two of which were selected for publication. Once all of the preliminary process and discussion was complete, the GCM students created and assembled the calendars.

“The illustration students were able to give some feedback, but had to respond to the designs presented to them in the same way that the GCM students had to make design choices based on the illustrations presented with them,” said Burke. “The illustration students were thrilled with the results and being able to see their work in a formal publication.”

Contact professor Jessica Burke for more info or to order your copy.


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