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Alumni Receives Graphic Design USA Inhouse Design Award

BFSDoArt Master of Fine Arts Candidate, Lindsay (Byrnside) Tyson, assistant director of marketing and communications in the Office of Admissions, won a 2015 American Inhouse Design Award from Graphic Design USA magazine for her design of the Office of Admissions Freshman Road Piece Brochure (shown below).

Winning this award is an honor and I could not have done it without the help of my colleagues,” said Tyson. “Having the privilege of being published in GD USA is not only an achievement for me, but for Georgia Southern as well. This gives our university the opportunity to be showcased and seen nationally by 100,000-plus professionals in the field.

Tyson was one of only 900 winners out of 6,000 entries from across the nation. Graphic Design USA has sponsored the American Inhouse Design Awards for more than five decades, showcasing original and outstanding work by inhouse designers, recognizing them for their talent, for the special challenges they face and for the value they bring to their businesses and institutions.

Tyson also received her BFA in graphic design from Georgia Southern University in 2004.

Office of Admissions Freshman Road Piece Brochure


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