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Majumdar to talk at TEDx Lancaster

Santanu Majumdar, BFSDoArt, Faculty, faculty and staffSantanu Majumdar, Graphic Design Professor, will be speaking at TEDx Lancaster on May 16th about “The State of Design Education”.

Santanu Majumdar is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Georgia Southern University’s Betty Foy Sanders Dept. of Art.  He believes contemporary design education requires an innovative and collaborative approach between various disciplines.  Santanu has received several national and international awards and has presented papers on design education, sustainability in design, collaborative research projects and mentoring in several distinguished national and international design conferences.

Santanu feels that 21st century students are more example-driven and research is reduced to browsing pre-existing solutions through search engines, thus making them only surface level problem solvers instead of creating the in-depth process and method-driven design solutions to overcome the challenges he saw in graphic design at Georgia Southern, a collaboration occurred with Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering and Business to conduct classes and team-teach with the real industry challenges.  This kind of activity not only allows them to participate, but also helps them to broaden their knowledge and critical thinking skills.  As a part of the initiative, international internship and student exchange was introduced. This not only provides a life changing exposure but also makes the students more focused once they encounter hardships, challenges, and competitions.  It’s an example of breaking the boundaries of traditional education.

Courtesy of TEDx Lancaster


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