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Burke Exhibiting in Valdosta, GA

Turner Center for the Arts
Jessica Burke currently has a solo exhibition, Perception is Reality at the Boyette Gallery of Turner Center for the Arts in Valdosta, Georgia. Burke will be exhibiting Jessica Burke: (Re)Play in City Gallery located in North Charleston, SC from August 1 – 30.

In (Re)Play, Jessica Burke presents a new series of portraits in graphite that functions as a meditation on identity as seen through the influence of iconic figures of popular culture. Each piece features one of the artist’s friends, coworkers, or students, dressed in costume, assuming the identity of a fictional character from pop culture that was particularly influential during their formative years. The characters range from Princess Cinderella and Superman to Darth Vader and Joan Crawford a la Mommie Dearest. Burke’s love/hate relationship with popular culture is at the root of this exploration and has served as the inspiration for many of her series. “The media we consumed as children and continue to consume throughout our lives influences how we see ourselves and our place in the world, ultimately selling us our identities,” she explains. “The way we articulate ourselves, specifically our ideal selves, is built out of a framework given to us by popular culture. These drawings can reveal a shared sense of our inner desire to be more than we see in the mirror and closer to what is reflected to us from our television, computer, and movie screens.”

-from North Carleston News 



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