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Dr. Ziegler; BFSDoArt Library Liaison

In case any of you missed it, Dr. Rebecca Ziegler is our Library Liaison. We can’t stress to you enough — Dr. Ziegler is a vital source to any creative research.

Dr. Ziegler obtained a Bachelor of Arts in History of Religions from the University of Chicago, a Master of Arts in Folklore and Mythology, a Masters in Library Science and an interdisciplinary PhD with a dissertation on Norse Mythology from from University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA). While Ziegler does not have a degree in art specifically, her scholarship focuses on symbolism, plus ideas, stories, and history relevant to iconography — a subject matter very well versed in art and design. Not to mention, Dr. Ziegler is one of the Department’s biggest fans – she has a high interest in art and attends nearly each of our events.

Dr. Ziegler brings a unique book from the Zach S. Henderson library during her weekly office hours.

  • Sept 5: Christie’s Arts and Crafts Style by Michael Jeffery
  • Sept 12: Creatures’ Paradise:  Animals in Art from the Kyoto National Museum by Tokubetsu tenkan hyakuju no rakuen
  • Sept 19: The Shape of Place by David Alexander
  • Sept 26: The Artist and the Asylum by Richard Dadd

Thursdays from 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Center for Art & Theatre Atrium, upper level


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