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Adjunct Professor Kim Riner featured in Connect Statesboro

Editor’s Note: Kim Riner, recent Master of Fine Arts alumna and adjunct professor in the BFSDoArt, was featured in the July 16 edition of Connect Statesboro in the Professor Profile. Below is the article as it appeared in Connect Statesboro.

Quaniqua Epps
Contributing Writer

She has an overall rating of 4.0 on, and many of her students agree that adjunct professor Kimberly Riner is a great one to have while at Georgia Southern University.

Riner is originally from Clear Lake, Iowa, and attended Iowa State University for her undergraduate years, but she ended up relocating and graduating from Georgia Southern. Riner also attended Georgia Southern for graduate school, where she obtained her Master of Fine Arts degree.

To date, Riner insists that the most profound life lesson she has learned came when she was deciding which career field to go into.
“Don’t pick a career based on the salary,” she said. “Do what you love to do.”

When it comes to choosing an era in which to live, Riner says she would choose no time other than the present.
“Here and now,” Riner said. “Why live with regrets?”

Like other professors at Georgia Southern, Riner aspires to teach students lessons apart from the curriculum.

“I hope to help students to appreciate art and how it can impact the world,” she said.

Riner hopes to one day have the chance to skydive, something she has not yet had the opportunity to experience.

So, where does she see herself in the next five years?

“Here in Statesboro! Hopefully with the ability to travel more,” she said.


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